Oligopotent Cell Potency, Differentiation and Classification

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Oligopotent cell lines have the ability to transform into quite a limited number of several other types of cells, an example of which is a myeloid cells,B cells, T cells, plasma cells or the cells comprising the lymphoid system. An example of Oligopotent Cells are myeloid cell can differentiate into any of the blood stem cells found in the lymphatic system.


Lymphoid stem cell can become any of the blood cells found in the lymphatic system or vascular (lung stem cells for COPD or IPF), as these only have enough capacity to differentiate into smooth muscle or endothelial cells. [1] Oligopotent cells are known to be less potent compared to multipotent,pluripotent or totipotent cells but in the case of unipotent cells, they are found to be more potent. 

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Published Clinical Citations

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