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Cancer Stem Cells

Stem Cell Regeneration Center Glossary

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) pertain to cancer cells usually found in hematologic cancers or tumors having the specific characteristics of regular stem cells. They normally have the specific capability of self-renewal and can transform into other types of cells like neural cells,skin cells,tissue cells and many other types of adult stem cells.[1]

Stem Cells and Cancer – VIDEO

Cancer stem cells used in cancer treatments are especially unique topic as they are believed to be the underlying cause of tumor metastasis and tumor recurrence. Cancer drugs can be successful in destroying a large amount of tumor cells, but often fail to induce consistent results thanks to the cells natural abilities for developing resistance to lung cancer treatments over time.[2] Cancer stem cells CSCs are always finding ways to become resistant to known pharmaceutical based cancer therapies including chemotherapy,radiation therapy and cancer drugs.[3]

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