Cellular Therapy for Kidney Disease [CKD] Renal Regeneration

Updated January 20, 2020 – Each kidney in the human body consists of about 1 million nephrons that are basically “filtering” units. Every nephron features a glomerulus which consists of a cluster of tiny blood vessels. Inside a kidney, toxins in the blood may be removed through the glomerulus structure. High blood sugar often makes the blood vessels thicken and become damaged, triggering the Kidney Failure process.

Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

Kidney Failure tends to disproportionately affect patients with other underlying medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease, polyneuropathy, pancreatitis, or Diabetes Mellitus. Doctors believe that sustained uncontrolled high blood sugar (and also high blood pressure) is the main cause of kidney failure for most people. Not all Diabetic patients have to suffer from eventual failure requiring a transplant or require emergency reversal of kidney disease with stem cells.  The Kidneys have the function of eliminating excess fluids from the blood through our urine. When kidneys start to fail, this function gets disrupted. More fluids start collecting in the body. Then, the swelling begins. Patients often report having swollen eyes as well as swollen legs after some time the entire body might swell up.

Types of Renal Diseases

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) – As the name implies, CKD develops over a long period, and patients often track the reduction of kidney function over several years. Progressive Chronic kidney disease can lead to eventual kidney failure (end-stage kidney disease) and requires either a kidney transplant or kidney hemodialysis 1-3 times a week to stay alive. Dialysis or the Hemofiltration machine is required for purifying a patients blood of waste products such as urea or creatinine since the kidneys are not able to work properly.

There are many potential causes of chronic kidney disease, but the usual ones include:

  • Glomerulonephritis – Attack on the kidney tissue by a disease, virus (kidney infection symptoms) or self-Attack, i.e., Autoimmune responses such as Crohns & Goodpasture syndrome
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) which causes the growth of cysts on the kidneys
  • Damage to blood vessels to either kidney due to diabetes (Diabetic Nephropathy) or high blood pressure known as Renovascular hypertension (RVH) which can also lead to congestive heart failure
  • Genetic or congenital abnormalities caused by mutations in the person DNA affecting the urinary tract or kidney
  • Reflux nephropathy which causes urine to flow back into the kidneys
  • Long term exposure to drugs or medications that are toxic to the kidneys
  • Long term exposure to Lead poisoning or heavy metals
  • Renal artery stenosis (RAS) which causes narrowing of the renal arteries

Protein in Urine (Proteinuria)

When excess fluids and waste can’t be removed from the body naturally, patients begin to lose appetite. They might even start frequently vomiting as the body struggles with the excess stored waste. As kidney begin to lose functions, other symptoms take hold, such as retaining essential proteins in the blood supply called proteinuria. Proteinuria can be easily discovered with a simple urine test. Kidney disease patients who also have Diabetes can find that their urine turns out to be a little foamy in appearance.

Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure (ARF) or Acute kidney injuries (AKI) occur after a sudden or abrupt loss of kidney function. The dangerous event usually occurs over an extremely short period (2- 7 days,) and it can be numerous. Some common causes of Acute kidney failure include:dialysis-thailand

  • Recurrent kidney stones
  • “Anaemia” Low blood count from kidney disease
  • SLE Lupus & refractory lupus nephritis
  • Sudden Stoppage of Haemodialysis
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Renal artery stenosis
  • Stopping Peritoneal dialysis
  • Toxicity due to chemotherapy agents
  • Chronic or long term Dialysis at Hospital
  • Interstitial nephritis
  • Acute kidney failure – Sudden
  • Protein or Blood in the urine
  • Kidneys damage due to high blood pressure
  • Polycystic kidneys
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

There can be many other causes of chronic kidney disease, and sometimes the diagnosis is idiopathic or unknown. Regardless of the underlying cause of CKD, the approach to treatments to improve glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are usually similar. Recent research also suggests that nephrotic syndrome & chronic kidney disease can increase the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease or secondary parkinsonism.

5 Stages of Kidney Disease

There are five stages of kidney damage for patients diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease (CKD). In nephrology, the stages vary from very mild kidney damage in Stage 1 to total kidney failure in Stage 5. The stages of patients kidney disease are based on the Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR). eGFR score is used to gauge how well the kidneys are doing their job filtering waste and excess fluid out of the blood. In the early onset stage of renal disease, the kidneys are still functional and able to filter out waste but not very efficiently. As the disease progresses, it becomes harder and harder for the kidneys to filter waste, and eventually stops working altogether and requiring artificial blood filtering using a dialysis machine.

Calculating Your GFR

Genetic Testing for Kidney Diseases

Knowing the underlying causes of renal failure and kidney disease are very important, not only for the patient but also for their family members who are maybe carrying the gene without knowing. The Regeneration center offers genetic screenings for cogenital kidney diseases and to test for several ciliopathies, nephronophthisis (NPH), Nephrolithiasis (renal calculi – cysts) or a second opinion to confirm a diagnosis for hereditary kidney disease. Genes we can test for include:


Please note we do not offer gene therapies for kidney diseases, and DNA testing services are for current patients or Regeneration Center only. Please contact us with any questions.

Clinical studies have shown that red blood cells have the function of carrying oxygen from the lungs to provide all of the body’s requirements and to provide you the energy you’ll need for your day-to-day activities. Nevertheless, a failing kidney cannot secrete sufficient erythropoietin, and lower levels of erythropoietin do not stimulate the bone marrow to be able to produce more red cells, which result in anemia. When a patient has anemia, they might notice the skin or gums in the mouth are pale in color.(18564903)

Can Kidney Disease be Reversed?

Stem Cell Kidney Regeneration

Stem cells are the human bodies repair mechanism. Stem cells can differentiate into any functional tissue cells. Kidney cells necrosis or kidney-cell-transplants-bangkokdecreased kidney functions can be seen in abnormal creatinine levels.  Stem cell Transplants for Renal Failure help to replenish the required kidney cells and thus promote a more normal


healthy kidney function. There are two types of stem cells treatments that may be utilized in our regenerative protocols for reversing Renal failure. One part of treatment is focused on promoting optimal kidney function, and the other would be to replenish red blood cell amounts to help reverse the decline in HGB level. The enhanced mesenchymal cells are then transfused back into your body through targeted cell infusions that allow the circulating stem cells to could to reach the kidneys via normal blood circulation. This breakthrough treatment for renal failure can be done with, and without dialysis and demands, no surgical operation that requires extended hospital stays only at the Regeneration Center. The enhanced mesenchymal stem cells used for kidney disease is done in multiple stages, but each daily session takes about two hours each time.(20620502)

Stem Cells Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease

For those suffering from moderate to late/terminal stage kidney failure, allogeneic cell therapy can help them by eliminating the need for dialysis or decreasing the frequency of dialysis. For patients with early stage of renal failure or kidney disease, stem cell therapy can reverse kidney damage and prevent further damage to renal function. Our functional regenerative medical treatments using enhanced renal stem cells gives the patients an assurance that he/she will continue living his/her normal life without worrying about worsening of his/her kidneys or spreading to cause other issues such as heart disease, (heart attacks), pancreas failure (diabetic nephropathy) and other complications.(18688653)

Avoid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

Please note reversing kidney failure is not possible for all cases. Patients with late stage renal failure, multiple complications or frequent Dialysis may not be able to travel safely and may result in disqualification for treatment. All treatments must be approved in advance after proper medical evaluation.

Stop Failing Kidneys with MSC+ Renal Stem Cells

The protocol needed to treat kidney patients depends entirely on the patients’ health and stage of Kidney Disease. Approved patients will require several stage infusions of enhanced MSC+ Renal Stem cells derived from Cord tissue-derived stem cells for 14-21 nights in Bangkok. Due to varying degrees of kidney function and physical degeneration, our medical team will need to review any patient medical files before acceptance. Once our review is complete, we can offer a detailed treatment plan that includes the complete treatment steps, including an exact number of nights required along with the total and fixed medical related costs.

 The Renal cell transplants do not require dangerous surgeries and the replacement of the cells via kidney growth factors and paracrine cell signaling. The cells are typically delivered via an Intravenous Drip, Direct injection, or Intrathecal Injections depending on the patient’s medical needs. Image-guided single cell transplantation can also be required in some rare cases. (22553996)

Rehabilitation Options Post Treatment: Physical Rehabilitation therapy in Bangkok is typically not required unless there are other physical issues. Complete physical rehab services post-therapy can be provided upon request for 2-4 hours per day and up to 5 days per week. 
Medical travel visas and extended stay accommodations at a hotel or extended stay apartment for the patient and family can also be provided upon request.

Total Treatment time needed in Thailand: estimated around 2-3 weeks (depending on the severity of the underlying injury). Late stage kidney patients or patients with frequent dialysis may require multiple stages to be effective in dialysis cessation and reversal of kidney disease.


Kidney Disease Treatment Guidelines

Our non-surgical cell-based treatment for renal failure & kidney dysfunction will require a minimum of 14-21 nights in Bangkok. Due to the varying degrees of Kidney damage and the stage/severity of the underlying disease, our medical team and Nephrologists will need to qualify the potential patients’ needs before a detailed treatment protocol can be provided. Upon approval and acceptance, a detailed treatment plan will be provided that includes specifics and daily calendar for the entire treatment plan along with the fixed medical related expenses (excluding accommodations or flights). To begin the qualification process for our multi-stage treatment protocol for CKD, Polycystic Kidney disease or Kidney/Renal Failure, please prepare your recent medical records such as CT Scans, PET Scans and Creatinine levels/blood work and contact us today.

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  • Hi, my name is maicel I’m 27 years old. I have been on dialysis for 2 years I have fsgs Can steam cell help me?
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  • Hello,I am 33 yr/o, Indian Male. Diagnosed with CKD stage - V with proteinuria. Can you pls send me the details.
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  • My father is suffering from renal failure. Creatinine is 9.0. His condition is good. Never had a dialysis. Can stem cell benefit him. 
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  • Humayra got grade -3 hydronepfrosis, she is 60 days old baby. what will be the treatment system to her and what will be the cost of her treatment.
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      Hello Mrs Humayra, Thank you for contacting us. Based on the information provided and the complications mentioned, the patient would not be a good candidate for stem cell therapy.
  • Hello I am Md.Omor Faruque.My age is 56. I have single kidney. My createnine level is 7.7. Can your stem cell thereapy help me to recover my kidney? How much it' s cost?
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  • I am Hyeong Lee from Korea. Creatine is 11. Does your stem cell therapy can help me to recover my kidney failure? How much does it cost for that? Thank you very much.
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  • I am azad from Bangladesh . Creatine was 8.4 but now 7 . Is the stem cell therapy is effective and long lasting ? How much Cost May b for that ?
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  • My father is a CKD stage 3 patient with creatinine of 2.94 and also with dibetis and hypertension disease in this stage can you suggest any treatments that can improve the stage and kidney function? What would be the procedure and cost? We are now in Bangkok need your urgent reply.
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  • Hello Im a 35 year old male with FSGS.  I’m in renal failure with a creatinine level of 13.  Ive been on dialysis for six months now.  Do you have any stem cell treatment available for my condition? Can it get me off of dialysis?  What is the ballpark price?  Thank you for your time.
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  • My mother has  creatinine is 6.64 She has diabetic for 25yrs and high blood pressure with hypertension. Her age is 48.Please advise is there any hope of stem cell treatment instead of dialysis and how much would be the cost and how many therapy she will be needed?
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      Hello Mr Apurbo we have emailed you more information about your treatment for Kidney failure due to diabetes.
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      Hello Mr Alam, Thank you for contacting the Regeneration Center. We have emailed you more information about your mothers treatment of CKD stage 5.
  • My mother has CKD level 5 and taking dialysis for 1 month weekly 2 and now her creatinine is 6. She has diabetic and high blood pressure. Please advise is there any hope of stem cell treatment instead of dialysis and how much would be the cost? 
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  • My father has CKD stage 5. His age is 75. Taking dialysis 3 times in a week. Creatinine level is 10 having hypertension. Is there any hope of stem cell treatment instead of dialysis...how much would be the cost? If the stem cell treatment get positive response, For how long the treatment last. Kindly advice. 
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  • I am 66yrs old  and very active ( excercise in the gym 4 days a week and have for 20yrs.) but have been diagnosed with CKD stage 4. I am still functioning very well but know where this is headed. What treatments would be available? What can I expect for results? What are the costs? Thank you 
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      Hello Mr Pogue. Thank you for contacting us about your treatment for CKD and kidney failure. An email was sent with the information requested.
  • Hi, my uncle is 65 years old. He was diagnosed for diabetes and CKD. He is under medication for long time. Recently doctor recommended him to do dialysis for every 3 days. Yesterday he did dialysis for the 5th time. Means, still new. His creatinine level is 9.8. Albumin, RBC, HGB and Lymphocytes level are low. What are chances? will alternative treatment for kidney disease using Stem cells succeed on him? Thank you.
  • My mother has CKD stage 5. Not started dialysis yet. Creatinine 8. Is there any hope of stem cell treatment instead of dialysis...how much would be the cost? If the stem cell treatment get positive response, For how long the treatment last
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      Hello Silvia, We have sent you an email with the information that you requested.
  • I am 58 years old female. I have retro peritoneal fibrosis, 15 years after I had radiotherapy for endometrial cancer. As a result of RF my ureters were blocked and am having moderate bilateral hydronephrosis. Each year doctor  has to change my bilateral JJ stents in ureters. I am also diabetic for last 10 years and have high blood pressure for last 5 years. My GFR is 50, right kidney is more affected. creatinine levels vary from 2.5 to 3 for the last 2 years. Please let me know if I can be cured of fibrosis and whether GFR can be improved. 
    • Support Team
      Hello Mrs Ainuddin, Based on the information provided you would not be a good candidate for treatment. Retroperitoneal fibrosis and Immunoglobulin G4-related diseases (IgG4-RD) are a very rare family of conditions and we do not have a treatment for this disease.
  • How much does it cost roughly for late stage kidney failure treatment? GFR of 16. I'm in Australia. My Dad is fit and healthy but kidneys crashing. Specialist doesn't know why. Going to do a biopsy. Possible infection. High white blood cell count. Regards, Lydia Western
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      Hello Lydia, We have sent you and email with the information requested.
  • Hello, my name is Kevin Schmitz and I am 44 with poor kidneys.  Current functions are fine, but would like to know the cost of your treatment.  Thank you
  • Hello. my girlfriend suffers from kidney failure. the creatinine level is 4.6 and does not dial. please tell me if anything can be done for her and what are the costs? is only 28 years old.
  • I have Glomerulnephritis. I was wondering if stem cell treatment would work for me. If so can you tell me how long treatment usually lasts for? What it consists of and how much it would cost?
  • I am a 48 year old male with Polycystic kidney disease. Wondering if Stem cells could work to increase renal function. I am presently on dialysis but do have some kidney function. I am healthy besides the kidney disease.Thank you,Matt
  • My brother is diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and he has high blood pressure, presently he is on dialysis. pls can stem cell therapy correct this or he must go for transplant?
  • I am a 11 years kidney transplant however my transplanted kidney is now failing. My crea is 5.41 mg/dL and slowly deteriorating. My doctor here in the Philippines is waiting for it to shut down to start my dialysis treatment. But if there is other way that can avoid such treatment I will grab it.When I heard about stem cell transplant, my curiousity kicked in. I want to try this, but I don't know where to go. I want to learn more about this treatment. I hope I can try this. I'm really desperate. I want to live normal again. All my life I feel I am suppressed. Please help.
  • Could you send me more information on this process so I can consult wit my nephrologist?
  • I have ESRD stage 5. On HemoDialysis 5 times a week. Diabetic and Hypertensive. Diabetes is managed via Insulin Pump. Looking for regenerative therapy or Transplant rejection reduction therapy information.
  • Hello,My wife age 32 is diagnosed with CKD stage 3, her gfr done through DTPA tests are 68 with left kidney compromised and functioning at 25% whereas right kidney is functioning at 75%, her creatinine fluctuates between 1.5-1.9. Liver results are ok and haemoglobin being 12. Please suggest if through stem cell we can recover the lost funtioning of nephrons in left kidney.
  • Hi My Mother is suffering is from CKD renal failure. We undergoing stem cell treatment in Delhi last year but the treatment not working and her condition get wose. Now Creatinine level is 9.50 mg/dL and Urea is 152 mg dL.Can you please let me know if your therapy is useful in her Case?
  • Could my increase in GFR be due to the PRP injections?My GFR drop to 27 five years ago. I started taking Activated Charcoal at that time which increased my GFR into the 40's.I stopped the Activated Charcoal every year for 2 weeks to check my GFR which continued to drop into the low 20's. Last March 2016 my Surgeon wanted to replace my knees. I chose to try PRP injections. It work so good I had injection into my ankle and foot "arch" in May 2016 which I broke in 1978. I have limped and hurt every step for 38 years. Doctors told me that there wasn't anything wrong. After 38 years I am walking without pain and a limp.When I stop the Activated Charcoal in September 2016 for 2 weeks. Before re-started the Activated Charcoal I had a blood test. My GFR went up by eleven points. I called my Doctor and he had me to take the blood test again which had the same results . Could my increase in GFR be due to the PRP injections? I just had a PRP injection in my should for tear in my rotator cuff. Maybe I'll be playing golf again soon! Better yet will my GFR go up again!
  • My son age 46 has end stage renel disease for 4 years. He is currently on peritoneal dialysis 4x daily manuels. Is the stem cell therapy a hopeful solution for him? Also what are the costs as he is on disability medicaid/medicare. He has been unable to work due to this condition.
    • my husband has stage 4 renal failure he is not on any treatment yet he has tye 2 diabetes he his on blood presure medication he also suffers from depsession he is 73 can you help him and what would be the cost. Yours Sincerly C . Clarke
  • HiI would like to ask about treatment for this case.She is my mother in-law, she is 57 years old hypertensive, gout, hyperthyroidism and known case of atrophic Rt. kidney and she develops Lt. renal pathological kidney grade (I-II). Now her renal profile is very bad, urea about 223mg/dl and creatinine level about 10.2mg/dl. Previously she developed hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia but it was managed and now OK. Also she doesn't has dialysis till now. Sodium and potassium are normal. We would like to see if possible to do for her stem cell treatment or transplantation?Thanks a lot
  • Hi, I have Iga nephropathy , creatine is 3.38, eGFR is 19, Protein in :2+, occult blood: 3+ Urine volume for 24 hour is 2600 ml. What do you think about my case? will i have hope with stem cell treatment? Thank you
  • I am on dylysis from last 18 month twice a month my age 59 years weight 107 kgs also diabetic and hypertensive but very good control my cretinine before dialysis 7 to 8 blood urea is around 150 to 200 . I'm waiting your reply if you have any treatment for me. Thanks and best regards.khalid.
  • my name is bernarmoniz iam on dialysis treatment for seveenteen years is there any hope for regeneration of my kidney?
  • Hello , My mom is 59 years old and has PKD for last 3 years.She had high BP , which is under control now. Her cretin is 8.5 and Urea 233.She has no fluid retention. Doctors have be asking to do Dialysis for last few months now.Due to PKD , her kidneys are enlarged.Please advise.
  • Hi. My husband has a Creatine of approximately 2.7 and a GFR of about 30. He is diabetic and has high blood pressure. Would he be considered a viable candidate for stem cell treatment.If so, please send pricing and information to my email.
  • Hi My grandson has alports disease Would he be a candidate for stem cell therapy and at what stage would it have to be done by
    • Support Team
      Hi Pat, Thanks for contacting us. We have emailed you the information you requested. Unfortunately Alport syndrome is a genetic/inherited condition that cannot be treated at this time.
  • I am at the borderline of stage 4 CKF. My Creatine is running 2.5-2.8 and my gfr is running about 26-28. My cause is high blood pressure. I am also at the borderline of diabetes. I am 54 yrs old and my doctors keep talking about dyalisis and I want an alternative. Is your treatment possible and can you send more info and cost information? Thank you
  • Hello sir,Im 27 years old from Malaysia.I was diagnosed of having CKD stage 4,eGFR is 20.I have a history of vesicoureter reflux which was repaired when I was 7.Currently my BP is well controlled with single anti-hypertensive.Please help me to prevent further damage of my kidneys.May I know the cost and duration of stay in Bangkok.Im looking forward for your reply.Thank you in advance.
    • Hello hi hope u will be doing good. I do have the same issue ckd 3 stage. egfr 45. But kidney functions normally. I wanted to confirm. How are u know. Have you been diagnosed with stem cell therapy. I am 23
  • grandson age 16 has kidney disease Feels fine yet is there any help of stem cell treatment to heal kidneys
  • My wife 48 years old now and ckd .. now we do hemodialisa since 1 n half years ago 2 time a week ..this month we do 3 time hemodialisa a week to get better condition.. ckd in my wife is complication from diabetes ... we want to fix kidney failure with stem cell what must i do?... how much for complete therapi stemcell kidney failure Thank you my phone number xxxxx - REMOVED
    • Hallo My sister has transplant kidney since 17year ago Now she has kidneyfailure and time dialysis What about stem cell in her case Thankyou
      • Good Day My son is 30 yrs. Had nephrotomy at 3 yrs due to nephroblastoma. Had lapratomy at 10 yrs due to volvulus. Latest bloods Sodium 141; Potassium 4.8; Chloride 104 ; CO2 Bicarbonate 23; Urea 16.3; Creatinine 313; All in mmol/L; GFR 22. Please advise on stem cell regenerative therapy and cost.
  • Do you recommend for cell stem for my baby 4 months old baby girl ,who has kidney failure in both kidneys as end stage she is on peritonial dialysis started since one weekThanks for your cooperation
    • Support Team
      Hello. We are terribly sorry to hear about your daughter's condition. We would advise that you work closely with a nephrologist in your home country to try to stabilize her condition first. As it stands now she is not a candidate for stem cell therapy to treat kidney failure. If you need recommendations or referrals to a pediatric nephrologist in your home country please let us know so we can help find a qualified doctor on your behalf.
  • Hi, my name is CF Lee, recently I was tested with blood creatinine level to 132 and eGFR is 56, I do not have other side ilness, and my urine test is clear and normal. My question is, what is the mean cause and am l in CKD.? Well, is me suibale for the stemcell therapy? And how much is the cost?
  • Hi, i did dialysis since 2010, i have my kidney failure, doctor said because of my blood pressure is high, could be better with the stem cell? please explain to my email.
    • Support Team
      Hello Adang. We have sent you an email detailing treatment options for your Kidney failure. Please review and let us know if you have any questions.
  • I am (Mr) Amrita Baroi from Bangladesh. I am doing dialysis for last 18 months. Three days a week. Other than kidney my physical condition is good. In 2011 Aug my creatinine level was 1.9. Then increased it quickly and reached creatinine level to 18.60 withiin next 20 months. My blood pressure was then 200/110. I am non-diabetic patient. At present my cholesterol is high.Please advise if there is a chance of kidney recovery with the help stem cell regeneration process. May I also know the cost. With Thanks. Amrita Baroi
  • Hi TeamI was referred to you by one of my friends. One of my office colleague is suffering from Kidney Disease. Doctors have not been able to identify the root cause of the disease and mention it as genetic.He is 35year old non smoker, non drinker, pure vegetarian person.His Creatinine level is 9.2 and is fluctuating between 7.5 and 9.Yesterday he is admitted to One of the hospitals in Pune, India and Fistula has been installed as a start up to Dialysis.I was suggested by one of my friends that Stem Cell Treatment at your center works wonders and the patient can still be cured. Please let me know if you need any further details of the patient and with this Creatinine level is it possible for Stem Cell Treatment.
    • Hi,My mother has been on dialysis 2 days a week for the last 3 years.She still produces some urine and goes a few times a day. We are interested to know more about stem cell therapy and whether there is a possibility to regain some function ? What are the costs in involved and the number of treatments.Please help.Regards Ben
  • My Dad is 60 years old and has CKD, he is undergoing drug treatment, but the nephrologist has told him that his kidneys are failing and he will need to have dialysis or a transplant in the next 6 months. His current creatinine level is 4.8.Please advise if there would be any chance of his kidneys regenerating or recovering with stem cell treatment. Any advice or help you can give and also cost would be very welcome
  • My husband is 72 years old and has CKD, he is undergoing drug treatment, but the nephrologist has told him that his kidneys are failing and he will need to have dialysis or a transplant in the next 6 months. He also had a heart attack 5 years ago and has had three stents implanted. He is currently undergoing tests at our hospital to see if his heart is strong enough to have a kidney transplant.Please advise if there would be any chance of his kidneys regenerating or recovering with stem cell treatment.Any advice or help you can give and also cost would be very welcome.
  • I am age 72 still active with Gfr=17 due to uro blocking which has been removed by surgery. I leave in Belgium. Of course I go to nephrologist for check up twice a year . Only bad parameter is creatinine resulting in stage 4 Gfr and high cholesterol which i now cure by taking statins. Igo to Taiwan for work twice a year and often stop in Thailand on my way back .Could stem cell treatment have a chance to improve and regenerate some nephron deficiency? Thanks and best regards Philippe
  • My husband has stage 4 CKD and id like to no how the Stemcell treatment works and all details including price and travel
  • This is a very informative article. I am looking into vital information about kidney failure and this has been useful. Thanks for sharing - Ms. Wong
  • I am going thru dialysis 2 times a week since February this year 2014 can stem cell cure me ? Before I had diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • I need to know that what can help me to cure my kidney which not functuning well. I am diabetic also. Another major problem is that i suffer from vertico. Please advice at your earliest.
  • Hello Doctor,My father-in-law has got kidney effect through high blood pressure that is 220 now and not going to be down from last two days. I am pregnant and my delivery is due on 1 Oct., and we have planned for stem cell banking. Is it possible to regenerate the nephron's through stem cells of my baby. Even he is heart patient also. He is in ICU. Kindly do send me required information as soon as possible. so that we can plan for treatment. Thanks.Shipra
  • My Mother has an increase ureum and creatinin. .and she is adviced to undergo dyalisis but ahw didnt want..can u tell me more about stem cell for CKD? Really thanks for your time
  • my nephew is in icu with acute pancretitis if his kidneys fsil are there a chance t heal them?
    • Support Team
      Hello Sharon, Patients in ICU are Not candidates to travel to Thailand for Kidney cell therapy. Please continue working with a qualified nephrologist in your home country to stabilize your nephew's condition first.
  • I have stage 4 CKD, how can this treatment further help me? Do you have any studies published about this? How much is your package? and for how long will i have to stay?
  • Sir/Madam, My mom is 65 years old type-2 diabatic patient and kideney failure indications .she is undergoing treatment her present kretanin level is 2.4 it has intiallially reached 4.5 a month back.Please advise me about cost and success rate of this treatment
  • Hai Jsamransiri,I am a Pathologist in one of the hospital in Perak, Malaysia. My wife is on 3 x weekly haemodialysis for last 2 years. How long do we need to stay in Thailand and how can she continue with her haemodialysis there ? Any testimonial from kidney failure patient?
    • Support Team
      Hello Doctor Rifaei, Information you requested has been sent to the email you provided.
  • I am a chronic renal failure patient. i am undergoing hemodialysis thrice a week. last week laboratory test showed my creatinine is 1300 before dialysis. after dialysis it goes down to 400. my phosphorous is 10, which makes my skin so itchy. other items were normal level. i am now 4 years in dialysis. my nephrologist told me to undergo transplantation of kidney. but it is very hard to find a donor with compatibality. is there any chance for me that i can be treated with stem cell theraphy or my disease can be reversed... please advice..
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Elias, An email with the information you requested has been sent to the email listed.
      • I had a kidney transplant 18 yrs ago, my kidney rejected and I'm currently on dialysis treatment 3 times a week (4 hour sessions), I have reserched organ regeneration through stem cell therapy. I would like to receive some information from your centre regarding this therapy and in what way you can help me. Although I live in Portugal, I have some family in Thailand. My E-Mail address : XXXXX - redactedI look forward to hearing from you soon.
      • Support Team
        Hi Nick, Thank you for contacting us. Im terribly sorry but we do not accept patients with previous transplants.
  • I am 19 years old. I have been on dialysis for the past 5 years. Please inform me if there is any solution to renal failure.
    • Support Team
      Hello Ms Rabia, We have sent you an email with the information you requested.
  • Dear Sir, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure, I also have high blood pressure, I am only 45 years old. Please let me have more information about my disease and what I can do to avoid stage 5 or dialysis. What diet I should go on and foods to avoid.
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr/Mrs McDonnell,Stage 5 or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) typically do not qualify/make good candidate for treatment using stem cells due to significant limitations in travel,damage and/or treatment options. Please send us some more information so we can better determine. We have sent information request to the email provided.
    • Dear Sir my mom has been diagnose with kidney disease she is stage 3 and was told to go on a low protein diet, I have google some low protein diet and I am now totally confused cause the one say void one thing then another will add that same thing in a low protein diet, can u please let me know what fruits, vegetables, breads pastas, dietary products , juices, she can have,or can u please sent me a list of foods and snacks and cereal she can have. Thanks.
  • Hi I have kidney disease my Creatinine is 1.30mg/do and my eGFR Is 57 how dad is this ?my GLLu is 100mg/Dl and all blood test is good. Is it possible to cure it or what are my options? Regards Sam Ibrahim
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Ibramim, Thanks for contacting us. We have emailed you some information to review.
  • Dear Sir,My doctor recommend that I start dialyses within the next month due to kidney failure as a result of type 2 diabetes. I am 65 years old male and I had by pass surgery about 3 years ago. Please let me have more in formation about yoyr treatment and cost. Regards, Hussin Zin Kuala Lumpur
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Zin. As requested, We have emailed you more information about the treatment.
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Bello, We have emailed you more information about treatment for kidney failure.
  • My wife has a kidney dises as a result of diabetics class one and will soon go on dialysis she is 54 had an open heart surgery 8or9years ago. And has a swelling foot please I need an advise if there is a chance recovery or seek your advice and cost if there will be any.
    • Support Team
      Hello Della, We have emailed you with the information requested for the treatment of Diabetes induced Kidney Disease
  • I have a friend whose both kidneys are damaged as a result of diabetes and now on dialysis thrice a week. She is 75 years old Indian with all complication of High B.P, High Cholestrol..High Diabetes,had an open heart surgery eight years back. Please advise if chance of kidneys regenerating/recovery or seek your advice and cost.
    • Support Team
      Hi Francisco. Thanks for contacting us. Please have your friend email us at info (@) stemcellthailand.org