Neurological & Spinal Conditions

MSC+ Stem cells are considered pluripotent and have the potential to convert into many cell types in the human body. These stem cells act as a repair system for the human body and can theoretically keep dividing without any limits to replenish other cells. When a Mesenchymal stem cell divides, each newly produced cell has the unique potential to either convert into a different type of cell or remain a stem cell. If needed these master cells can convert themselves to a very specialized function, such as stromal cells, skin cells, motoneuron cells, blood cells,muscle cells, neurotransmitter or a (neuron) brain cell.


The number of patients needing organ transplants far exceeds the total number of organs available which is why stem cells offer the unique possibility of an unlimited source of  cells that can be grown in the lab to treat a wide variety of neurodegenerative diseases, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.


Currently treatments and clinical trials are being offered for Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson’s, stroke, Ataxia, Cerebral palsy, Motor Neuron Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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