Stem Cell Treatment for Cartilage, Ligament Tendon Injuries

Stem Cell Treatment for Cartilage, Ligament Tendon Injuries

Cartilage injuries and Ligament damage playing sports or living an active lifestyle can be a painful situation (mentally and physically). Cartilage injuries can impact the knee joints,elbows,fingers, feet and many other joints in the body. Ligament and cartilage damage are generally the outcome of blunt force trauma, lupus disease, falls or most often sports related injuries. The cartilage injuries can lead to severe joint discomfort, swelling and if left untreated turn extremely painful in the future.

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Most instances of cartilage, ligament or tendon damage often lead to pain and swelling that can be resolved without requiring surgery. Nevertheless, cartilage injuries might trigger persistent discomfort and/or extra wear and tear damage to the healthy knees which could eventually lead to onset arthritis and peripheral neuropathy.

Non-surgical remedies such as Orthokine, Regenokine and our Cell Therapy for Knee and Cartilage Injuries have been preferred by professional athletes for years. Previously, the existing therapies for these types of injuries were limited to many constraints. Today, stem cell cartilage regeneration using isolated and expanded MSC+ mesenchymal stem cells to treat and regenerate any damaged area in the body,but particularly in joints of the knees and hands. These degenerative damage to the joints happen most often when there’s a breakdown of articular cartilage.

Repair Tendons & Ligaments with Stem cells

The Regeneration centers unique MSCC+ cellular protocol focuses on decreasing the symptoms and signs, as well as the chronic effects of the cartilage or ligament damage through direct stem cell implantation of activated and concentrated stem cells from the patient themselves or through cord tissue and/or Platelet Rich Plasma. Our regenerative stem cell hospital offers unique treatment for cartilage, ligament and tendon and spinal injuries that greatly helps speed up tissue healing via a targeted and accelerated regeneration process that normally takes mother nature months even years to accomplish.

Orthopedic Surgery Alternatives

Cartilage and Ligament Damage Reversal

Anti-Aging can mean many things but in regenerative medicine, Accelerated Self-regeneration is possible today thanks to the use of stem cells that are programmed to divide and create even more stem cells. The stem cells, PRP and progenitor cells are transplanted into the area of injury via guided CT arthroscopy or in the blood stream via Intravenous drip.

Thanks to the paracrine cell signalling mechanism, the damaged part of the cartilage becomes a magnet for the stem cells allowing for rapid tissue regeneration. The stem cells unite with the cytokines inside of the body. These cytokines help the stem cells develop into the exact type of tissues surrounding it. The process reaches optimal therapeutic impact following three to six weeks after treatment.[1]

Stem Cell for Knee Cartilage


The Stem cell Transplants to repair cartilage damage provides the safest and most effective non-surgical method to repair cartilage damage or tendon injuries and has rapidly become the preferred treatment for professional sports related injuries around the world.[2] The Regeneration center in Bangkok provides the most cost effective expanded stem cell therapy for sports injuries in the world.

Stem cell treatment for achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tears, tendonitis, tears and achilles injuries can be debilitating conditions and can take a very long time to fully heal. This extremely long recovery period is known to cause severe limitations to a persons daily life routines. Walking around with crutches in constant pain, becomes normal for most patients. Additionally, the person risks causing re-rupture resulting in detachment which can result in a much longer recovery period and permanent loss of athletic ability.

The Regeneration Center Orthopedic+ protocols can help such cases return to their active healthy lifestyles using isolated mesenchymal stem cell therapy. We offer clinical applications of the latest  stem cell therapy protocols to help patients & weekend warriors recover from injuries including acute achilles tendon tear or chronic tendonitis pain. Our treatment protocols are customized to patient needs and offer promising results after stem cell therapy for Achilles injuries, and a wide variety of soft tissue damage, bone regeneration,  joint pain and spinal stenosis.

Mesenchymal stem cells and regenerative therapies are not appropriate for all types of injuries. Cell therapy and tissue Engineering has limitations based on the severity of the patient’s injury,what his/her body will allow along with other factors such as overall health,age and genetics. Please note we do not accept patients with severe conditions, heart disease that limit travel abilities or old injuries that have developed severe scar tissue.

Cartilage, Achilles Tendon & Supraspinatus Regeneration

Number of Stem Cell Injections for Ligament and Cartilage Damage: 2-8 Isolated & expanded mesenchymal stem cells ( MSC+) Infusions per stage

Type of Stem Cells and Injections: Enhanced MSC+ cell transplants do not require invasive surgery and can be target delivered via a Guided CT Scanner (when necessary) or more commonly through an Intravenous Drip,Direct injection and/or Intrathecal Injections.

Rehabilitation Treatment for Cartilage, Ligament, Tendon Damage: Physical Rehabilitation therapy at Bangkok Hospital is optional but highly recommended depending on your travel/time constraints. Complete physical rehabilitation and can be provided upon request for 2-4 hours per day and up to 6 days per week. 
Medical visas and accommodations for extended stay for the patient and family can also be included upon request.

Total Treatment Length : estimated around 12-16 days (depending on the severity of the patients injuries)

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Benefits of Stem Cells for Tendon Repair & Cartilage loss

The treatment for cartilage and ligament damage with enhanced mesenchymal stem cells ( MSC+) will require a minimum of 12-16 days at our treatment facility in Bangkok.

Due to varying degrees of underlying injuries our orthopedic team will need to qualify any potential patients before a detailed treatment plan that includes an exact total number nights required along with the total medical related costs (excluding accommodations or flights). To begin the qualification process for our multi-stage treatment protocol please prepare your recent medical records such as (MRI/CT Radiology Scans) and contact us today.

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