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Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies are a branch of medical science that deal with molecular biology and tissue manipulation & engineering. The purpose of the Regeneration Centers’ treatments and therapies deals with the process of engineering, repairing , replacement or regeneration of human cells, organs and tissues to restore normal function. Our center brings together international experts in stem cell biology, bioengineering, nanotechnology, clinical research and bioinformatics to address the proper applications and challenges associated with stem cell science. We have licensed medical facilities in Bangkok,Pattaya and Chiang Rai. Treatments include:


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  1. Can you treat Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy Patient with stem cell therapy? My son Fahmid Nazif Haque age 16+yrs .patient of Duchenne muscle Dystrophy. If their any possibility of treatment than we are extremely interested.

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  2. I am suffering disease from the last 6 months. At present my creatinine is 7.4, Blood urea :120, Bun:56; Hb+ 10.6, Protein output 6.2. Happened due to hypertension.
    can stem cells help me out or save my life.

  3. How do i donate my time or money for stem cell research? Im retired but would like to hear from the companies that support stem cell research. I think there are many people such as myself that want to show support for all the great medical research and advances but really don’t know how we can help. Thanks for your time – Mrs Josephine

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