Stem Cell Treatments & Hematopoietic Cellular Therapy using MSC+ Cells

What are differentiated stem cell lines and are they useful?

Updated October 07, 2018

A stem cell lineage are distinct group of cells that have all descended from a single stem cell and are usually characterized, analyzed, isolated then expanded (grown) in our stem cell lab. Stem Cells in a specific lineage can indeed keep growing but can not differentiate into other specialized cells. Cells used in our treatments are first screened for infectious diseases and genetic defects before they are isolated and expanded for use in cellular therapies. Expanded clusters of MSC+ stemcells can also be frozen at a Stem cell bank for future use.

Not all stem cell treatments are the same

When applied properly, stem cell therapy has proven its effectiveness and holds tremendous value for treatment of a wide range of physical injuries, diseases and other medical conditions. The potential of cellular intervention is evident in the use of hematopoietic (blood) stem cells that has been used for over 50 years to save the lives of tens of thousands of children with leukemia and for use of regenerating the immune system after chemotherapy. Cells are also used quite often by professional athletes for treating tissue damage or for injuries to the musculoskeletal system and across the world, clinical trials are underway to explore novel new ways of using stem cells in modern medicine.

Personalized Healthcare – The medicine of Why?

However, there is still significant unknowns in stem cell science and they cannot be used to treat all medical conditions or diseases. The current applications and methods of treatments are quite often exaggerated by some doctors or media who do not fully understand limitations of the cellular science and especially by stem cell hospitals looking to capitalize on a hype by promising treatments to patients with severe chronic conditions or genetic defects. The information we provide on our website is intended to help our patients understand both the limitations and potential of cellular therapy and to help perspective patients spot inconsistencies and/or misinformation being widely circulated by doctors offering unproven or unethical treatments.

Safe Stem Cell Injections with MSC+ Cells

The more patients know about their underlying health or disease, the better they will be to identify the best overall treatment options available to them. For example, patients with certain types of blood cancer require blood-forming cell transplants as the disease requires these specific cell types to do what they are designed to do. Patients with diabetes would not benefit from blood-forming stem cell transplants as their underlying issues is with the pancreas and not with blood itself. One size does not fit all when it comes to cellular therapies.

Without isolation and expansion in our stem cell lab and banking facility, tissue and organ specific stem cells will not generate the needed cell types.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies are a branch of medical science that deal with molecular biology and tissue manipulation & engineering. The purpose of the Regeneration Centers’ treatments and therapies deals with the process of engineering, repairing , replacement or regeneration of human cells, organs and tissues to restore normal function. Our center brings together international experts in stem cell biology, bioengineering, nanotechnology, clinical research and bioinformatics to address the proper applications and challenges associated with stem cell science. We have licensed medical facilities in Bangkok,Pattaya and Chiang Rai. Functional Medical Treatments include:


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