Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Failure & Fatty Liver Disease

UPDATED January 16,2018 – According to international statistics, chronic liver disease ranks #4 around the world as the top causes of mortality. Once a human liver incurs serious damage, it usually cannot repair itself naturally thus may posing life-threatening risks to the patient. Given this, the only possible treatment options for chronic liver disease was with a dangerous complete liver transplant. Unfortunately there are a lot of risks to consider with liver transplant surgery. The risk is mainly attributed to the tendency of rejection of a transplanted organs. Sometime the body detects the transplanted organ as a “foreign object”, or something that has not come from its own body therefore should be destroyed/rejected.

Treat Liver Damage & Failure With Stem Cells

Organ donors are very limited and the prices for liver transplants is very high and the surgery itself involves many risks. Thankfully, our Internationally trained stem cell regeneration doctors were able to create a more modern approach to healing. Adult stem cell therapies help induce the rapid production of hepatocytes in a patient with chronic liver disease and/or Cirrhosis of the Liver.


Common Causes of Liver Cirrhosis

Some of the most common causes of chronic liver disease in men and women are attributed:

  • Alcoholism and Alcoholic cirrhosis
  • Eating too much fatty foods
  • Hypertension
  • Fatty Liver
  • Hepatitis C
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)

As you may notice, most of the common causes of chronic liver disease are modifiable before they become an issue by altering your eating and health habits. The best treatment plans always start with prevention.  Healthy living practices are crucial if you want  to avoid chronic liver disease.


The Liver is the largest organ in the human body and is fully capable of regenerating itself under normal conditions. Since the Liver has many responsibilities  such as detoxification of the blood, fighting infections and aiding in the digestion of foods, it can be severely impact the overall health of a person if it becomes diseased.

Treatment for Cirrhosis of Liver & Fibrosis

Enhanced mesenchymal stem cells (MSC+) offer an attractive therapeutic solution to treat liver diseases based on many factors including:

  • Immunomodulatory properties (24219905)
  • Ability to differentiate into hepatocytes, biliary epithelial cells and liver progenitor cells
  • Natural replacement of damaged hepatocyte cells
  • Promote persistent hepatocyte regeneration
  • Capacity to inhibit cell activation
  • Increases rate of apoptosis ( paracrine mechanism )

With recent advancements in regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy for Kidney and Liver disease, there is finally the possibility of safely treating chronic liver disease through a targeted organ regeneration protocol of cell transplants.


Our stem cell treatment protocol for liver disease can also be done by using induced pluripotent stem cells. Pluripotent and Multipotent stem cells are capable of differentiating into different kinds of cells including hepatocytes (liver cells).

The liver is generally made up of cells called hepatocytes (22306885). These liver cells are capable of replicating so that new hepatocytes will be replacing old hepatocytes naturally after 200 to 300 days of use. If a patient’s liver is severely damage, the natural replicating process cannot be completed by the hepatocytes. This is where oval cells come to the rescue. It is believed that oval cells are also capable of producing new hepatocytes should the need arise. Our Non-Invasive treatment for Liver Disease looks to introduce therapeutic levels of  hepatocytes liver cells and/or Hepatic oval cells to forcefully assist in the healing of damaged tissues and cells.(23197664)

Patients with severe liver functions,multiple conditions or Advanced stages with travel limitations will not qualify for the 2-3 week treatment protocol. Please contact us for medical review.

Treatment for Cirrhosis using Hepatocyte Cell Transplants

Computed Tomography Angiography or CTA is often used for delivery of stem cells to a very precise method of hepatocytes or oval cell delivery using a catheter. The femoral catheter used can be guided to appropriate areas of damage (24187451). The damaged tissues/livers being treated requires about 90 minutes in total per treatment at our regeneration center.


Therapy for Fatty Liver Disease, Liver Fibrosis and Liver Cirrhosis

Total Cell Infusions for Liver Cirrhosis: 2-6 Enriched MSC+ Hepatocyte cell Infusions per treatment stage. Severe cases may require several stages.

Type of Cells and Delivery Method: 
Liver regeneration therapy using enriched MSC+ Differentiated hepatocyte cells, biliary epithelial cells and liver progenitor cells. Our MSC+ liver cell transplants DO NOT use fat stem cells via liposuction or require invasive surgery for collection. Cells are delivered through the combination of IV Drips (Intravenous),Direct injection and/or Intrathecal Injections.


Costs For Treatment of Liver Damage

Due to the varying degrees of existing liver damage and the current stage of the disease our gastroenterologists and stem cell team will need to qualify the potential patients before a detailed treatment protocol can be provided. The treatment for Liver cirrhosis, liver fibrosis or chronic liver Disease with stem cells will require a minimum of 12-16 nights in Bangkok.  To better understand the patient’s needs, we request all potential candidates contact us. Upon approval for treatment, a detailed medical plan will be provided and will include specifics regarding the medical treatment, exact length of stay needed along with the total expenses for the treatment. To learn more about a Treatment for Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis or chronic liver disease with stem cells please contact us today.

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    • Hello Mrs Kor, Thanks for contacting us about treatment for extrahepatic ductopenia / progressive obliterative cholangiopathy. At this point Congenital Pediatric Biliary Atresia cannot be treated using stem cells. Please continue working with your pediatrician for the finding a suitable treatment for your daughter's needs.
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    • Hello Roma. Thanks for contacting us about treatment for liver cirrhosis using stem cells. Differentiating mesenchymal stem cells into liver cells has opened up many possibilities of obtaining hepatocytes without the need of liver transplants but these advances are not anywhere near the stage where we can promise 100% cures or 100% success rate. We would caution you on pursuing any doctor or treatment plan that would make such claims as its simply not possible. Mesenchymal cells therapy for treating liver diseases is not appropriate in all cases and patients with late stage or severe scarring will are not good candidates for regenerative medicine and may require eventual liver transplant. Generally speaking this condition is acquired through poor habits,Fatty Liver,Hepatitis C or alcohol abuse which are factors that no doctor can control before or after treatment.
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