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The Foundation of Life

All living organisms on Earth store genetic information using the same molecules of RNA & DNA. DNA is the foundation of all biological life.

What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a long molecule that contains unique genetic coding for each human. DNA is like a recipe book for our cells that contains the instructions on how to make all the protein needed by the human body.

The human genome consists of roughly 3.2 billion bases of DNA and all other organisms on earth have a completely different genome size.

What is Genetic Testing?

The Regeneration center of Thailand is one of the leading medical centers in Asia for applying recent discoveries in mRNA & the human genome. Our mission is to transform treatment decisions based on actionable medical diagnostics from DNA tests and to use functional medicine to help prevent, understand autoimmune diseases and manage inherited conditions.

Our patient-oriented regenerative medical center helps to provide critical prenatal diagnosis for hundreds of potential birth defects and genetic disorders affecting newborn children, adolescents and adults.

Facts About Human DNA

DNA is a molecule that exists in almost every living thing
Similarity between Human DNA
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Terabytes of data on a single gram of DNA
Strands of DNA in a single human hair
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Genome Sequencing & DNA Testing in Thailand

It is estimated that 5-10 percent of degenerative diseases and cancers are due to familial factors that get passed from one generation to the next. These conditions are considered hereditary and can be tested non-invasively using genetic screening that are used to determine an persons risk for developing these conditions.

There are 2 kinds of gene mutations that are important:

  • Random or Sporadic mutations occur in human DNA by external factors or exposure to toxins and the mutations get repeated continuously as the cells keep dividing ( apoptosis). These genetic mistakes get accumulated over time
  • Inherited or Familial genetic mutations occur from birth are passed on by a person mother or father or both.

Most genetic disease today develop from sporadic mutations but inherited genetic mutations are usually much more difficult to manage and typically develop earlier than Inherited genetic mutations.If a person does carry an inherited mutation that is known to be linked to a disease or cancer, knowing the risk as early as possible helps doctors make better decisions about treatments, well before the disease even a has a chance to develop into something that is not manageable.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

There are many other benefits to getting tested as early as possible, regardless of the result. Patients who are carriers of hereditary gene mutations, are at risk of getting the disease much earlier in life than the rest of the general population. The earlier genetic health testing is done, the more likely it will be to manage the effectively.

Which Tests are Available?

The Regeneration center currently offers Exome & Proactive DNA tests using next-generation sequencing (NGS) for over 400 types of diseases and cancers.
If you or someone you know might be at risk ( family history ) or in an at-risk ethnic population (such as Thai people with thalassemia) you may want to consider having genetic testing done.

Why Should You Get Genetic Screening?

Early diagnosis can make the difference between life and death so getting personalized dna testing early is strongly recommended. Some benefits of genetic health testing include:

benefits of dna testing

Available Diagnostic Tests

The Regeneration center currently offers Exome & Proactive DNA tests using next-generation sequencing (NGS) for over 400 types of diseases and cancers.


DNA Screening to confirm diagnosis is available for Current Regeneration Patients and Families only.

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