Stem Cell Treatment for Motor Neuron Disease MND

UPDATED January 18, 2019 – Motor neurons are essentially just nerve cells that are responsible for controlling muscles in the body to produce movement. They are in charge of carrying out signals from your brain to your muscles. People are able to perform movements through a complex process involving neurons. Nerve cells from the brain transmit messages to the nerve cells in the spinal cord which are then distributed to different muscles in the body.

If a person’s motor neurons are not functioning well he/she will experience significant problems with his or her movements, such as walking, standing up, turning,breathing, eating, speaking and swallowing. Such is the devastation caused by Motor Neuron Disease or “MND.” MND is a rapidly progressive neurological degenerative ailment which damages motor neurons that are essential for us being able to control our movement. Famous cases of people with MND include Stephen Hawking, David Niven and Lou Gehrig who had ALS.


This is a very rare disease and its incidence is higher in men and women ages 50 and up. However it can also affect the younger population. Some scientists believe that MND is due to genes inherited from parents. According to research around 5 to 10 percent of MND cases are hereditary. However, the causes of motor neuron disease  and Multiple Sclerosis are still unknown. Triggers include cancer, exposure to toxic substances, chemicals and environmental contaminants.

Research on MND,Strokes and Parkinson’s Disease are still continuing and it involves attacking the immune and genetic factors, toxins, viruses, nerve growth factors that affect the activity of motor neurons. Other factors that are somewhat related to the development of MND are smoking, repeated head injuries as is with professional athletes in professional fighting,mixed martial arts or the NFL. Residents of countries such as Japan, Guam and New Guinea are also have a much higher percentage chance of exposure to chemicals and radiation due to current and previous military related activities.

Diagnosis for MND

In order to qualify for treatment of nerve damage and Motor Neuron Disease with stem cells, you will need to have an existing clinical diagnosis for MND. Diagnosis in your home countries may include certain laboratory tests, such as MRI’s,Brain CT Scans, electromyography, nerve conduction tests, transcranial magnetic stimulation test (TMS), spinal taps, muscle biopsies, blood tests and urinalysis.

motor-neuron-disease-the-facts The typical symptoms of motor neuron disease include frequent cramps, recent weight loss, difficulty of swallowing,random muscle twitching, excessive muscle wasting or weakness, fatigue, slurred speech and drastic emotional changes. Motor neuron disease cannot be reversed. The patient and his/her family have to make major adjustments to help cope with this disease. The life expectancy of someone diagnosed with MND without treatment is 1 to 5 years. There are different types of MND and many of them can be fatal if left untreated. MND can go through plateau phase where symptoms remains stable for some period of time, but the condition will eventually worsen. Primary lateral Sclerosis is a type of MND that is less fatal and progresses gradually. As the disease progresses, people with MND will develop generalized paralysis, difficulty of swallowing, loss of speech and full dependence to other people in performing day to day activity. People who care for MND patients should also adjust to the deteriorating condition of the patient.(23985544)

Stopping Progressive MND

Please note that very late stage Motor Neuron Disease cannot be fully reversed. However clinical trials and recent advances in neuro stem cell science has shown considerable increases in life expectancy and quality of life for a person who was diagnosed early with MND. (8855616) Any success relies on proper and consistent management in relieving symptoms. Muscle relaxants and prescribed Pain relievers such as morphine are not a long term solution and only mask the underlying brain degeneration. Stem cell treatment for motor neuron disease focuses on the underlying issues.(25007389)

Stem cells are basically UN-specialized cells in your body that can change into any type of tissue or cell (neuro) in the human body. Stem cells are especially unique in nature as they can reproduce and divide indefinitely. The treatment for Motor Neuron Disease with stem cells is non surgical and minimally invasive . We offer several Stem cells treatment protocols for many diseases and disorders including:


The Regeneration Center of Thailand offers functional medical treatments that focus primarily on repairing damaged and/or diseased tissues and replacement of the neural capacity through neural cells replacement therapy brought about by the rapidly degenerative disease. (24936617)

Please Note that not all patients qualify for treatment of degenerative Neurological conditions such as Motor Neuron Disease. Patients with late stage, severe underlying conditions or travel restrictions may not qualify for the 2-3 week treatment protocol in Bangkok

MND Treatment Overview

The actual protocol used will depend on the patients needs and current physical condition. The total stay required for treatment in our Bangkok facility ranges from: 2 – 4 weeks depending on the severity and protocol needed.

The total number of cell injections per stage required to treat MND range from 2-8 infusions of MSC+ cells per phase. Our Motor Neuron protocol uses enhanced neural progenitor cells, somatic and neuroprotective molecules. All treatment injections are administered via a combination of IV, Intrathecal, Nasal Nebulizer and/or lumbar punctures as needed.

Rehabilitation for “MND” Motor Neuron Disease: Rehabilitation therapy will be required after treatment. Physical Rehabilitation can take place in Thailand or your home country. We offer full rehab facilities in Bangkok upon special requests. Medical visas and accommodations for extended stay can also be included upon request.

Cost of Treating MND With MSC+ Neural Stem Cells

Due to varying degrees of severity, the total and exact cost for our stem cell therapy for motor neuron disease using neural stem cells will depend entirely on the patient’s actual medical needs. Our neurological stem cell team will need to better understand the patients needs before being able to offer a detailed treatment plan. Our neural regeneration protocol requires an initial medical review that can be done online or in person. To make a determination and provide an accurate and detailed treatment plan our medical review team will require the patients recent medical records including any diagnostic exams such as Brain MRI’s or CT Scans.(Test Results less than 3 months Old are needed to make a diagnosis)

To begin the pre-qualification process for our multi-stage MND treatment please contact us today.

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  • Hi! Im from Philippines My older sibling is now suffering MND but in a slow progession he is 27 years old only he wants to live and to have his own family but beacuse of this he failed to do his task , he is also suffering from difficulty in standing, walking and speaking.. How can we find cure for his disease i mean is there any agencies or any one who can help us to support him especially in sending him to the country to cure his disease? Im hoping that you can help us.. Thank You and godbless
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Resty, Thank you for contacting the Regeneration Center. We have emailed you more information about your request for treatment of motor neurone disease.
  • Hello, my name is Rachel and my mother is called Linda, who is 52 years old. She was diagnosed with MND, more specifically Bulbar Palsy. We live in the UK and she started experiencing slightly slurred speak in August/September 2016 and was diagnosed in April 2017. Her speech has dramatically deteriorated over the last 5/4 months. She is still fit when walking and normally walks for around 2 hours with her dog each day. She has recently started experiencing problems with her fingers as she is slowing loosing the strength to operate normal day to day tasks. However the doctors say that she is still strong and were positive with her most recent tests.Can you please get back to me if you believe there is something you can do to help.Thank you!!
  • Hi there,My brother Paul aged 52 has been recently diagnosed with Upper MND. Looking back his symptoms started last August where he noticed he kept stumbling when walking. He lives in the UK. I live in Australia and have recently visited home to spend some valuable time with him. On my visit I have noticed he walks short distances with the aid of elbow crutches, has a stair chair lift as he finds it difficult to climb the stairs. his speech is becoming slurred and is taking numerous medications including Riluzole BD, he also has cardiomyopathy and diabetes. Are your treatments suitable for his stage in this illness and what would the costs be? Look forward to hearing from you, Cheers Trish
  • Good afternoon, I am 56 years old, living in Australia. Neurologist certain I have Motor Neurons Disease, still in the process of having nerve testing, MRI and Speeched Pathologist, I have not been formally diagnosed yet, will have Neurologist appt at end of February when all the other results are in, but I do have all the symtoms. My voice was the first to go where I slurr my words, I do have minor aches and pains in my arms but still able to perform all tasks.I am very interested in this Nerve Cell Treatment, I would be very interested in approximate costings.Are you able to send something to meThank you
  • My husband has been diagnosed with radiation induced motor neuron disease. He is losing the use of his left arm following radiation & chemotherqapy treatments for mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the left submandibular gland. Earlier in his life (the 1970s) he was also treated with MOP radiation and chemotherapy for Hodgkins disease. Is your therapy showing any stabilization or improvement for patients with this type of MND?
  • I was diagnosed with ALS August 13/2015 I am intrested about stem cell. I went to India for treatment but after i get much worse. Please let me know ASAP if you can help me Thanks Valentina
  • I am in early stages of ALS and would like to known about your treatment please advise.
  • I was recently denied participation for a new clinical Trial at the Mayo Clinic in the US. They only accepted 20 participants for that MND trial. I have been looking elsewhere for an alternative buy my timeline is not helping. Originally i was diagnosed 2 years ago and hav taken Rilutek,Mexiletine, L-Serine and tirasemtiv but nothing has slowed down the progression. Im slowly getting weaker especially in my left arm. My breathing has slowed and swallowing is starting to become difficult. Your cell therapy looks similar to Neuralstem but im not sure. Am i a candidate for your treatment? I can send you all my checkups through mail please send me your mailing address.
  • My sistre was diagnosed with some lesions on brain 2 years ago but the doctors here change their mind and thought it was Lyme disease. She was then mistreated for Lyme with too much antibiotics with no result. Now the doctor go back to the original diagnosis of motor neuron disease.She wasted much time with wrong diagnosis and beginning to lose most use of upper body and arms as well. Can you please help us stop this disease before its too late? i dont expect miracle but we want to make sure her condition does not get worse especially "last stage". She recently take new MRI in Dubai and we can send you all the records. The doctors here and in Dubai only want us to increase dose of Riluzole but it has not shown to help her at all. I want to talk to you to see what your center can do.Thank you in advance.
  • My name is John , here I would like to ask , if the effect of fatigue on peripheral motor nerve and whether the consequences if the problem occurs ?
  • hi i am rasel from bangladesh..i have mnd problem my prolem start 2011.i am now normal but incrase hand can i do..i have some test of mnd.
  • hi can stem cell treatment cure motor neuron disease and if yes can australian be treated and at what time and price please
    • Support Team
      Hi Sharon. We do offer treatment options for MND depending on what type of condition the patient is diagnosed with. Is the patient diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), primary lateral sclerosis, progressive muscular atrophy, progressive bulbar palsy or pseudobulbar palsy? We will email you the information requested. Thanks.