Bone Marrow Function Aspiration Cell Transplants

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Bone marrow is the central portion of bone responsible for the daily production of roughly 500 billion red blood cells. The bone marrow substance is a very spongy tissue inside the human bone.


Typically the adult stem cells are harvested from bone marrow aspirations (stem cell extractions ) are from areas such as the hip and/or thigh bone.

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  • I don't quite understand why the hip bone is where bone marrow stem cells are extracted from? Can't it be found in other areas of the body?
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      Hello Alistair, Bone marrow or "myeloid tissue" derived stem cells can only be extracted from the donors pelvis area / hip bone through a process called apheresis (a-fer-E-sis). However we may be also use peripheral stem cells that came from your marrow through the donors blood.
  • Wanted to know, is it possible to recover bone marrow stem cells after you donate it? Are there any negative side effects to donating stem cells? Can they be shipped if i don't live in Thailand? Thanks for any response :D