Peptide bonds The Building Block of Protein Synthesis

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While peptide bonds are fundamental to protein structure, their direct relationship with stem cells lies in the proteins these cells produce, which are crucial for their functions and differentiation. What is a Peptide Bond? Peptide bonds are the chemical bonds that link amino acids to form proteins. On the other hand, stem cells are undifferentiated cells capable of giving rise …


NK Cell Therapy Explained: Next Generation Cancer Treatments

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When discussing cutting-edge cancer treatments, NK cell therapy stands out due to its unique approach to using the body’s own natural defenses. Instead of relying on aggressive chemicals or radiation, this method employs natural killer cells to target and eliminate cancer cells directly. It’s an innovative way to minimize harm to healthy tissues and improve patient outcomes. While still in …

Senescence to Senolytic Therapy Zombie Cells Explained Wellness

Zombie Cells Explained: Senescence to Senolytic Therapy

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Zombie cells, also called senescent cells, are non-dividing cells that accumulate in the body due to stress or damage, resisting normal apoptotic pathways. These cells contribute to aging and various diseases by secreting pro-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors, known as the SASP, which disrupts tissue function and promotes chronic inflammation. Advances in clinical research and stem cell therapies targeting removing …

CAR-T cell treatment improves efficacy of kidney transplants

CAR-T cell treatment improves efficacy of kidney transplants

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Chimeric antigen receptor-T cell treatment (CAR-T cell therapy) holds immense potential to revolutionize organ transplantation, particularly for patients who struggle to find a suitable match and are at high risk of rejection. This breakthrough therapy offers a beacon of hope, promising to significantly improve the outcomes and quality of life for these patients. Current research prioritizes using CAR-T cells obtained …


Ultimate Guide to Healthy Fats & Healthy High-fat foods in 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of nutrition science, the discourse around dietary fats has undergone significant transformation. The Regeneration Center is please to offer the Ultimate Guide to Healthy Fats in 2024 seeks to help demystify fats’ complexities, clarifying their indispensable role in a balanced diet. From elucidating the nuanced differences between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to addressing the contentious debate …

Astrocytes, neurons, glial cells

Astrocytes can gain neural stem cell properties after brain injury

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New research shows that specific types of brain cells become active after brain injuries and exhibit properties similar to those of neural stem cells. Astrocyte plasticity might correlate with the upregulation of the Galectin 3 protein, which may significantly contribute to discovery of additional biomarkers. The study discovered that a specific protein regulates these cells and could be a target …