Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Heart Disease & Stroke

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Researchers have developed an new AI powered eye exam that can determine the likelihood of that person developing heart disease in under a minute. The discovery paves the way for a very accurate test, that does not require any intrusive procedures, and does not even require a visit to the doctors office. By scanning a person’s eyes with an artificial …


The Angiogenesis Process and Its Therapeutic Benefits

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Vascular enlargement, or angiogenesis, occurs when new blood vessels form inside the body’s preexisting vascular system. It begins in utero until old age, in health and sickness. A blood capillary, generated by the process of angiogenesis, is never more than a few hundred micrometres away from any metabolically active tissue in the body. All tissues rely on capillaries to facilitate …


What are Humans Made Of? Common Elements in Human Body

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Our body functions like a finely tuned well-oiled machine and is very intricate and remarkable. It takes many moving components to keep a person alive and well, and just 21 chemical elements drive every biological aspect of our bodies, from the common tasks to the spectacular.      Only 21 of the Earth’s 118 elements are present in a healthy human …

Thailand medical tourism

Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Traveling

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According to recent research findings, tourism may soon be recognized as an intervention for dementia since it offers an experience comparable to cognitive stimulation treatments now in use. People often connect vacationing with feelings of revitalization and renewal, providing a much-needed escape from the pressures of day-to-day living. There is no denying that travel may provide one-of-a-kind, thrilling experiences: The …

Brain Fog: Solutions to Help You Improve Concentration

Understanding Brain Fog Symptoms & How to Clear Brain Fog Fast

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‘Brain fog’ is a colloquial term used to describe the feeling of being scatter-brained, confused, forgetful or mentally impaired. “Where did I leave my keys?“ When we reach “a certain age,” we all have these moments. Some people call it brain cloud; some call it brain fog but most people just accept it as part of getting older. But, is …


Potential of Reprogramming Stem Cells from Adult Tissue

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If stem cells are used to treat diseases such as Heart Failure and crohns, we must understand how the genes are turned on and off in our cells. By studying stem cells and gametes, we can understand how the genes are regulated by so-called epigenetic mechanisms when they give rise to new cell types. During the development from stem cell …