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The term Regenerative medicine pertains to a medical field focusing on treatments utilizing adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. These are used to stimulate the process of differentiation into a particular cell variant deemed necessary for cell and tissue repair.

The term regenerative medicine was first used in the human genome projected when scientists isolated human embryonic stem cells along with embryonic germ cells. These freshly-isolated cell lines essentially opened the gates and mysteries of cell biology for the first time in human history. Those early findings lead to more research which ultimately lead to the use and manufacturing of nearly all cell types in the human body for use in clinical regenerative therapies.

Regenerative healthcare refers many biomedical uses in clinical therapies we offer that involve the use of stem cells. Examples include upper motor neuron cells, progenitor cells that are obtained by differentiation and culturing along with the induction of biologically active molecules that are injected alone to increase stem cells naturally or are secreted by the enriched / infused cells in a process known as immunomodulation therapy. The transplantation lab grown organs and also for tissue engineering.regenerative-medicine

The regeneration center of Thailand is the leading proponent of safe and effective regenerative medicine to eliminate disease and suffering for all humans.

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