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Ortho+ Stem Cells for Sports Injuries – Orthokine & Regenokine

Sports injuries are an unfortunate part of an active lifestyle. It can happen to professional or arm-chair athletes who are actively involved in any type of amateur or professional sport. Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, in a game or during practice. Depending on the severity of the injury, some cases will be pretty minor that heal on their own with a band-aid, while others are very serious and will require invasive surgical intervention to repair the damage. If left untreated, sports-related injuries often result in the gradual breakdown of overall stable function often due to overcompensation by the healthy joints and muscles.

Modern Approach to Treating Sports Related Injuries

Over the past several years, a new dimension in sports stem cell science has emerged globally. Internationally published use of cell therapies by many high-profile athletes using cultured stem cells to maintain a competitive edge or expedite recovery from an injury has become quite common. Being severely injured while playing sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer & rugby is very common. Nearly 9 out of 10 people who play sports will at one time get hurt. Sometimes accidents during sports lead to multiple injuries that require long recovery periods and at a costly price. For some athletes who earn living playing professional sports, the sudden depression and lack of long term mobility can result in the permanent end of their sports careers. Such an abrupt change can be very traumatic for the athlete and his/her loved ones. Modern medicine has come along way to treat serious sports injuries. PRP Therapy and Regenokine / Orthokine treatments have been the go-to treatment for professional athletes whose income depend on rapid healing to pre-injury form in a very short period of time.

Enhanced Orthokine & Regenokine Therapy

Stem cell treatments for sports injuries are one of the best examples of medical breakthroughs today. Two German doctors named Dr. Reinecke and Dr. types-of-stem-cells-sports-injury-rehabWehling created the first Orthokine (Europe) also called Regenokine (United States) treatment protocol that became the basis in the treatment for hip injuries, meniscus tear treatment, cell therapy for arthritis, to treat torn ACL, MCL cartilage damage caused by sports-related injuries. Our new MSC cell regeneration treatment is perfect for people that want to be treated quickly and in a minimally-invasive/non-surgical manner. Stem cell therapies are not new. in modern medicine, stem cells have been used for over 40 years to treat many serious and non-serious medical conditions such as SLE/Lupus, diabetes, COPD, after heart attacks and even in general cosmetic treatments for anti-aging. In the last 5-10 years, however, there has been a huge trend towards the use of stem cells in sports medicine to treat a variety to injuries such as Golfers elbow, chronic muscle injuries, shoulder injuries, torn tendons & ligament damage.

A stem cell is essentially the building block of the human body. It is capable of subdividing for a specific period of time. When the cell divide, they are also able to transform into any type of cells in the human body which is then capable of helping the body self-renew or heal. To put it simply, the body uses the stem cells to help repair itself. The cells mimic the body’s natural way of healing. The stem cells come from the patient’s own body (bone marrow) which in the natural process (autologous) eliminates the risk of any allergic reactions. We are also able to extract, test and expand stem cells from peripheral blood, adipose tissue (fat) and dental pulp. If the potential candidate is unable to use or provide his/her own stem cells, we are able to use Certified Allogeneic stem cells that are typically derived from cord blood or placenta-derived MSC+ Mesenchymal stem cells.


Once the cells are tested and expanded [MSC+] using proprietary cell culture medium and cryogenic saved at a licensed cell Bank in Bangkok, Thailand. The prepared cells are then injected back using a multi-stage delivery system into the area of injury and timed full-body release allowing the injury regeneration to start.

After Stem Cell Treatment for Sports Injuries

Benefits of Having Regenokine / Orthokine:

  • 100% Safe Uses your own natural healing cells
  • Non-surgical Treatment
  • Restore healthy Joint functions
  • Protect preserves healthy cartilage
  • Safe for use in all joints of Body
  • Reduce pain
  • Increases mobility
  • No movement restrictions or activity limits during treatment in Bangkok


Depending on the severity of the injury, the healing process begins immediately upon the delivery of cells to the body. The most immediate relief can be felt in the lack of pain that occurs post-treatment. The effectiveness of the entire treatment protocol for injury-related neuropathy, stem cells for rotator cuff, and DDD will still mainly depend on the patient’s ability to follow post-treatment care coupled with foods that are good for joint health and a rehabilitation program to strengthen the areas that were affected.[1]


Please note Stem Cell Therapies are not appropriate for all injuries. Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering are limited to the severity of an injury, what your body will allow along with other factors such as overall health, age, and genetics. We do not accept patients with severe injuries “GRADE 3” or higher or Injuries that occurred more than 2 years ago.

Non-Surgical Therapy for Sports Injuries in 2024

Total Cell Infusions for Sports-Related Injuries: Total Cell Infusions per stage depending on the severity of Injury/Damage.

Type of Cells Injections and Delivery Method: 
MSC+ Stem cells will be derived in conjunction with paracrine cell signaling, exosomes, growth factors & Platelet Rich Plasma. The stem cells are extracted then tested and expanded in an Isolated closed environment system. For patients with severe conditions, age or injuries, autologous cells may not be a good option and might require therapeutic grade allogeneic cells. [2]. The injections are usually delivered directly into the area of injury/damage, Intravenously, Intrathecally or via Guided CT Scan or Angiography. Depending on injury (Rotator Cuff Injuries longer) a combination of delivery may be required depending on what our orthopedic stem cell doctors feel is necessary for the patients to achieve the best results.[3]

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Post-Treatment Rehabilitation: Physical Rehabilitation services in Bangkok after your treatment is available depending on your availability to stay in Thailand post treatment. The Regeneration Center also offers complete physical rehabilitation and recovery packages in Chiang Mai (North), Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui. A full or part-time physical therapist, with full weights, swimming pool, balance aids & other physical rehabilitation tool and techniques is vital in helping to expedite the natural healing process.  Smoking is also HIGHLY discouraged before, during or after any treatments as it hinders blood circulation/healing.  The physical rehabilitation packages is optional and available to candidates at an additional cost as needed (up to 2-5 hours per day, 7 days per week)
. Medical visas and recovery hotels or furnished apartments for long term stays can also be provided upon special request.

Cost of Stem Cells Therapy for Athletic Injuries

Unfortunately, due to travel and mobility restrictions, not everyone makes a candidate for our sports injuries stem cell protocol. Approximately 25% of all requests are not approved for treatment, usually because of underlying medical conditions or because the age/damage of the injuries are beyond acceptable treatment times. We request all potential treatment candidates submit their medical history with recent lab results to be properly analyzed and accepted. Our orthopedic stem cell doctors also request copies of your CT Scans, MRI Scans to help assist us in making an accurate determination of what is needed and what it will cost to repair. Scans and lab result less than 3 months old are required for accurate prognosis.

Our unique enhanced cell therapy for treating sports-related injuries will require a minimum of 12 nights but severe/multiple conditions can require up to 12-16 days at our Orthopedic center in Bangkok. Due to varying degrees of injuries our orthopedic team will need to qualify any potential candidates before a detailed treatment plan can be provided. The treatment protocol will include all medical-related information along with the total treatment length along with fixed medical-related expenses (excluding accommodations or flights).

To learn more about our unique enriched stem cell transplants please contact us today.

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