Effective Treatment for COPD & Emphysema

COPD, is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  COPD is progressive illness that makes it very difficult to breathe properly. “Progressive” means that the disease gets worse with time. One of the most common symptoms with this condition is heavy coughing. Coughing produces a lot of mucus (slimy substance produced by body) causing chest tightness,wheezing and shortness of breath.

Diagnosing Lung Disease – VDO

Cigarette smoking is generally regarded as one of the main triggers for Bronchiectasis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorders. Most people suffering from COPD are also usually smokers. Long-term exposure to large amounts of lung irritants such as air pollution, smoke, dust,chemical fumes are also big contributors to people being diagnosed with this disease. To better understand COPD, its beneficial to know about the function of the lungs and how the breathing processes take place . The air coming in through the mouth goes straight to your windpipe, then to the bronchial tubes inside the lungs. Inside your lungs, there are also many other smaller, thinner tubes that branch out from the bronchial tubes called bronchioles.(25937817)

The bronchioles are directly connected as a bunch of small round air sacs called the alveoli. The tiny blood vessels known as capillaries run inside the walls of the alveoli.As soon as air goes to the alveoli, the oxygen in the air goes through the air sac wall then into the blood through the capillaries. At the same time, the carbon dioxide waste gas goes into the air sacs coming from the capillaries. This procedure is known as a gas exchange.(22352751)


The air sacs and the airways are quite flexible or elastic by nature. Every time you breathe the air sacs fill up like a little balloons. Whenever you breathe out, the opposite happens, the alveoli then deflates and air goes out.


Emphysema is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that displays abnormal and permanently enlarged in the terminal bronchioles of the lungs. Emphysema and dyspnea usually occurs in patients with chronic bronchitis and obstructive pulmonary and respiratory problems. It is very rare for patients to be diagnosed with pure emphysema ( without displaying other symptoms ) unless its related to hereditary/genetic abnormalities. Most patients we treat at the Regen Lung Center have a combination of bronchitis, emphysema caused impairment of the airways. This combination of the symptoms (dyspnea) are causally referred to as COPD or COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease).

There are 3 primary type of emphysema including:

  1. Centriacinar emphysema begins in the paitents respiratory bronchioles and then begins to spreads in the upper half area of the lungs. This type of emphysema is usually caused by long-term tobacco/cigarette smoking.
  2. Panacinar emphysema is primarily found in the lower regions of the lungs and tends to destroy the alveolar tissue that causes wheezing. This type of lung disease is commonly found in patients displaying a deficiency with alpha-1 antitrypsin and is a genetic/heriditary disease.
  3. Paraseptal emphysema is caused in and around the pleura or septae of the lungs. This type of disease is mostly associated with chronic inflammatory conditions that occur after any type of lung infection and dyspnea
Stage of Lung DiseaseFEV1/FVC – Tiffeneau-Pinelli Index
Stage I = MildMore than or equal to 80%
Stage II = ModerateLess than 80%, More than 50%
Stage III – SevereLess Than 50%, More than 30%
Stage IV – Very SevereLess than 30%, Less than 50% Respiratory Failure

Stem Cells for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

copd-therapy-stem-cells-thailandWith COPD, there is much less air flows in and out of the airways due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Airways and air sacs shed their elastic abilities due to an underlying medical condition
  • The walls between the air sacs or the alveoli are damaged or destroyed
  • The walls inside the airways become inflamed and too thick for gas exchange
  • Too much mucus is produced by the airways which causes it to clog the airways


Please Note That Stem Cell Treatments for COPD, Emphysema and Lung failure is not appropriate for all candidates. Patients with multiple underlying conditions, late stage or travel restrictions due to need for constant Oxygen tanks may not qualify for the 2-3 week treatment protocol we offer. Please contact us for details

How Cell Replacement Therapy Can Restore Lung Tissue & Function

Stem cells are recognized as the building blocks of biology due to their amazing regenerative properties. These totipotent cells help with the natural development of human tissues and blood cells. In the stem cell transplants for COPD, the destroyed lung tissues and cells causing the various types of complications are targeted for regeneration. Using lab enhanced stem cells allows our doctors to target specific regions to stop the spread of the disease, eliminate bronchitis and reduce inflammation (in alveoli pathway ) to allow natural healing of the previously damaged cells through a function known as immunomodulation making it the best treatment for COPD. The goal of our lung stem cell treatment for copd and other lung diseases such as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) bronchiectasis and Emphysema is to help create the optimal environment for angiogenesis to build new capillaries in the lungs which leads to tissue repair and significantly better lung function.(25834280)

COPD Treatment with Stem Cells Testimonial

Lung Cell Replacement Therapy – Overview

Number of Treatment Sessions For COPD: 2-6 Infusions of Clinical Grade Mesenchymal Cells per Treatment (Multiple stages may be required for severe cases)

Type of Stem Cells Used:  Most patients with mild to moderate Pulmonary disease require Allogeneic cell transplants. For elderly patients or candidates with progressive respiratory diseases an aggressive combination protocol will be required. All our cells are screened and certified against having Infectious Diseases and the strength and sterility documentation of using good cellular manufacturing processes at time of treatment. Our Lung disease treatment does not require invasive surgeries and the cells are delivered painlessly using Guided CT Scanners, Ultrasounds (when necessary) through an IV “Intravenous” Drip and/or Intrathecally.(23648014)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation After Treatment (Optional): Pulmonary Rehab is available at Bumrungrad international hospital or Bangkok Hospital depending on the patient’s travel limitations and timing constraints. A dedicated lung rehabilitation specialist will be available upon request for 2-5 hours per day and up to 6 days per week.  Medical visas and accommodations for extended stay with nebulizer for the patient can also be provided upon special request.

Total Treatment Length : The COPD protocol we offer is an intensive multistage course and will require an estimated 14-21 nights in Bangkok (depending on the severity of the underlying disease)

Cost for Treating COPD

Due to the varying degrees of lung damage our pulmonary specialists will need to review the patient’s medical records to better understand his/her needs. A full treatment plan will be provided upon qualification and the entire treatment will require a minimum of 14-21 nights in Bangkok to complete. To learn more about our unique cell therapies or to begin the pre-qualification process please prepare your recent pulmonary tests and medical records (MRI or Chest CT Scans) and contact us today.

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  1. David Abrams

    I’m contacting you on behalf of my father who was diagnosed with COPD last year. His condition is getting worse by the month and his bronchodilators and corticosteroid meds don’t seem to be working at all. We are hoping to atleast slow down the rate of progression which is why I’m contacting you.

    My questions are:
    – How long does the treatment take?
    – How effective are stem cells for lung disease treatment?
    – Are there any risks?
    – How does your treatment look like exactly? I’ve seen some doctors here offering same day stemcell treatments with IV injections but these doctors are either cosmetic surgeons or orthopedic doctors and not lung specialists so I’m very hesitant on trusting them.

    please contact me via email so i can learn more about your treatment.


  2. Deb Khalil Hoffman

    Looking at some treatment options for my husbands COPD. His lungs are starting to fail faster than expected and our doctors are recommending we try stem cells. We were offered autologous fat stem cell therapy here but after doing much research have decided against it. We were also told that treatments here do not expand cells due to regulations. Can you please tell how your treatment is different? Do you offer manipulated autologous cells using cord blood stem cells? if so how much?

  3. AkFranck

    I was diagnosed with chronic irreversible airflow obstruction or COPD in 2010 may. Since then i have tried quitting smoking and taken many types of Bronchodilators and Short-Acting bronchodilators also tried Spiriva but not of it has helped. Im getting very scared now that this may be irreversible and i may need a lung transplant. Please tell me if stem cells can fix my lungs. I live in Auckland New Zealand so coming to Thailand is not a problem. Your website says it must be less than 2 years old to be accepted. Is that always the case? Please contact me so i can send you my medical reports.

  4. Joey Alexander

    Hello, Im hoping someone from your company could help me. Im 54 and been smoking for 22 years. Last november my doctor told me that that i have a failing lung and copd. I took the spirometry test and a few other breathing tests and the results were as expected. Since then ive been having alot of chest infections and find it difficult to breath. I had another chest CT scan and it looks like the problem is getting worse. Can stem cells help treatm my COPD? Will i need to have surgery or god forbid a transplant?? Please contact me as soon as possible. I read about your COPD treatment in Thailand from a patient on the daily strength forum. He looks like he really improved after stemcells and im hoping for the same. Please do contact me as soon as possible. Thanks Joey

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