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Regeneration Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease DDD Back Pain IVD

UPDATED January 20,2019 Regeneration of the intervertebral disc, is known as DDD or degenerative disc disease of the spine. DDD is a medical condition that is often painful and may significantly impact the quality of a patient’s life. Disc degeneration is really a normal part of the aging process and for many senior individuals DDD isn’t really an issue. For others however, a degenerated disc may cause serious pain and chronic discomfort in the knee joints, back, hip joint, shoulder joint and neck areas.

Non Surgical Alternative for Back Pain & DDD

With symptomatic degenerative disc failure, chronic lower back pain radiates towards the hips, or oftentimes there is discomfort within the buttocks or thighs while walking, stem-cell-treatment-herniated-lumbar-disc-300other symptoms such as sporadic tingling or weakness in the knees might also be evident. Physical pain or discomfort might also be felt or while,bending, sitting, lifting, and twisting.

Chronic neck pain may also be brought on in the upper spine. Patients often report discomfort or pain radiating towards the arms, hands, and shoulders. The discomfort the patients feel in the neck may interrupt  normal blood flow going to the brain which then consequently affects the memory and other cognitive skills. This interruption in the blood flow might also trigger headaches and vertigo.

Chronic Degenerative Disk Disease

Most people have spinal disks that in risk of having DDD due to their nerve endings that are deeply penetrated in the annulus fibrosus (outer layer of the disc).Inflammation after an injury may also lead to DDD. Some doctors feel that the treatment for degenerative disc disease should focus on relieving a patient from distress and pain though denervation of the secondary scar tissue.

Spinal Lumbar Degeneration and Desiccated discs

When the discomfort and pain from degenerative disc disease is serious, conventional operative treatments are often ineffective. For these inoperative conditions, adult autologous stem cells can offer an innovative non-surgical therapeutic method to reverse bulging disc degeneration and address the chronic low back pain at its root. Chronic lower back pain due to degenerative disc illness impacts an estimated 17 million individuals worldwide. While short-term solutions can be achieved by the use of analgesics,steroids,having enough rest and frequent physiotherapy, there are still many people diagnosed with DDD whose conditions rapidly become worse despite the traditional treatments that were recommended by the doctors.

MSc Cells for Herniated,Bulging or Desiccated Lumbar Discs

If you are in this type of situation, you are often left with no other alternative but back surgery. The risky surgical method often involves a spinal fusion or sometimes complete replacement of the degenerated disc with an artificial disc. Stem cell injections for back pain and MSC+ cell treatment for degenerative disk disease in currently the best alternative to having risky back fusion surgery.

Alternative to Fusion and Back Surgery

The ONLY proven effective alternative to back surgery is disk regeneration using enhanced stem cells. The Regeneration center of Thailand offers the most advanced treatment for sports related injuries and Chronic Degenerative Disc Disease. Our stem cell injections for back pain is much safer than invasive surgical procedure and seeks to treat the actual cause of the disease and reverse the condition through a targeted multi-step treatment to regenerate the damaged discs to their normal, healthy state.(23951558)


Our mesenchymal stem cell therapies seek to reverses the degenerative state of the disks and tissue. We offer Autologous and Allogeneic stem cell therapies using CD34+ stem cells is safe and effective for those with DDD and severe back pain due to failed surgeries. Our stem cell clinic uses isolated and expanded MSC+ cells that have immunomodulatory properties and decrease damage of tissue by immune cells. These MSC+ cells secrete neuroprotective factors and possess angiogenic properties that help to restore the damaged areas of the spinal cord and also help to increase blood supply to surrounding tissues. (19584814)  Patients with severe degeneration or multiple ailments may require a combination therapy using a combination of stem cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue and/or Placenta derived stem cells.Patients undergoing stem cell Treatment for DDD can expect minimal discomfort with the safe cell isolation methods and delivery systems. Improvements are noticed pretty quickly after the first treatment starting with a reduction in pain while the body starts going through its natural regenerative cycle. (22593830).

Combination Treatment for Repair bulging disc & DDD

If you currently experiencing slight to moderate discomfort or pain from a bulging disc or Herniated disc with lupus and you may be an ideal candidate for our innovative treatment using the proven safe and effective adult stem cell therapy for DDD.


Please note Stem Cell Therapies for Spinal and Orthopedic Conditions are not appropriate for all injuries. Patients with severe scarring, multiple injuries and/or underlying conditions that create travel restrictions will not qualify for the 2 week treatment protocol we offer. Please contact us for eligibility requirements

Effective DDD Treatment Protocol

Number of Cell Infusions for DDD:  2-8 injections of Hematopoietic Mesenchymal (MSC+) Stem cells per Treatment stage. Severe cases with multiple comorbidities may require several stages for sustained recovery.

Types of Stem Cells and Delivery Methods: Enhanced MSC+ Mesenchymal cells depending on the severity of the underlying degeneration as needed. Our cell enriched treatments do not require any invasive surgeries and the delivery of the cells are made via radio guidance (when necessary) or more commonly through an Intravenous Drip, Direct injection or Intrathecal Injections.

Post-Treatment Physical Rehabilitation: Physical Rehabilitation after your treatment for DDD is optional depending on your travel restrictions. Complete physical rehab is available for 2-4 hours per day and up to 5 days per week. In addition, Medical visas and extended stay accommodations for the patient + family/friends can also be provided upon request.

Treating Degenerative Disc Disease with Stem Cells

Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease with stem cells will require a minimum of 14-16 nights in Bangkok, Thailand. Due to the varying degrees of spinal disc damage experienced by each person, our orthopedic stem cell team will need to qualify all potential candidates before a detailed treatment protocol can be provided. Upon approval, the detailed treatment plan will be provided that will includes the specifics such as day by day treatment calendar with all appointments, the exact total number nights required along with the total medical related costs (excluding accommodations or flights). To begin the treatment qualification process for our multi-stage DDD treatment in Bangkok please prepare your recent medical records such as (MRI or CT Scans) and contact us today.

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  • Hello, guest
  • I surfer an herniated disk L5-S1. What kind of treatment could you offer me ? How long would it take ? How long should I stay in your facility ? How much does that cost ?
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Delvallee, Thank you for contacting us about your lumbar degenerative disc disease. The treatment we offer in Bangkok normally takes 2 weeks in total and we have emailed you more information to the email provided.
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Dixon, Thank you for contacting us. We have emailed you more information about treatment options for Cervical Degenerative Disk disease.
  • I am 59 and have DDD in L2 and L3.  Up until about 2 years ago (not due to DDD) I was very active.  I enjoy hiking, rappelling, diving etc.  I ignore the pain during activities and hope I am not causing further damage.  However, if treatment is an option, I would like to know more.  What is the duration and frequency of treatment?  What is the approximate cost.  Are any of medical records of benefit. Sawasdee Ka
  • Hi, I really like to try out this method. I have bulging disc and ddd symptoms which was shown in the recent MRI scan. Could you please suggest me on the cost and accommodations, also any additional things I got to do before proceeding to this therapy?
  • I had disc bulge l4_ l5 in year 2009 and had done an MRI last year that showed start of DDD. Have been looking for alternative treatment and found your website from the YouTube. If you wont mind please give me the cost for treatment and accommodation there for the 14 days protocol.
    • Support Team
      Hello Mr Robert, Thank you for contacting us about your treatment for degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine. An email was sent to you with the information requested.
  • Hi, very interesting procedure in regenerative medicine. I am 55 and have DDD C1 and C2 fused C3 to C7 have DDD. At C4 and C5 the protective fluid around the spinal cord is not present and some pressure is being applied to the spinal cord. Are your medical stem cell procedures suitable for treating my condition at it is all in the neck, rather than the lower back. Many thanks in advance, this could restart my life. 
  • Hi,I have 4 disks causing me problems, 1 Lumbar , herniated with DDD, one in the Thorax with DDD and two adjacent bulging disks in the neck. can you please provide me with an Idea of the cost for stem cells treatment just so I can decide if I would explore this option further for me.
  • Hello, I am a 48 year old with DDD, bulging discs and arthritis in back and neck.  L4-L5 are my worst problem areas. I have been dealing with this for a few years and have actually gone from being 5'7" to 5'5" over the past couple of years. I have done a couple of year's worth of chiropractic therapy, more injections in my back (epidural, SI joint, facet, and all of the others) than I can count, had the nerves burned twice to no avail. I met with 3 different surgeons and was told that due to having all 3 "diseases or issues" that back/spinal surgery simply wasn't an option. My last resort and only hope was to have a Pain Pump surgically implanted in my lower left back that runs up my spine and administers strong pain medication 24-7 to the specific areas in my spine. I could not do Morphine because of severe reaction so I have Dilaudid in my pump. The side effects from that medication are giving me more problems and pain than ever. I have extreme joint pain and swelling so bad that sometimes I can't walk. I would love to have this pain pump implant removed if there was another option but so far there hasn't been one. I am extremely interested in your procedures, specifics and of course the cost. Thank you in advance.
  • Hi. I am in late 40s,I have osteoporosis in neck  c6/7.also have degenerative disc disease,in neck at the c2/3 and c5/6.have pins and needles in left arm daily,and sore neck also have very painful arms in morning s swollen hands,after wards from moving and shaking arms the swollen is gone and tingling is mild,nearly every day this happens,hoping stemcells can repair my neck DDD ,please send information and lowest cost for stemcell treatment, very interested in finding lower cost stem cell treatment,Australia is too expensive for stem cell treatment to my DDD in neck .hoping to hear from you ASAP ,thank you.
  • Hi. I would like more information on your stem cell therapy as I am looking for alternatives instead of surgery again. I am 46 yrs old and 2 yrs ago had Disectomy/Fusion/Plating in my C5/6 and C6/7. When diagnosed with DDD I waited 11 months to have the surgery and was put on morphine to help with the neck/left arm pain which was unbearable at times especially when sitting or laying down. I begged everyone to just cut off my arm lol. Surgery was a success as no more arm pain but left me with chronic pain in my neck due to the waiting time of having the surgery. I also have muscle spasms in my neck 24/7 due to the waiting time and my doc has told me that I will pretty much have chronic pain and will be on pain meds for the rest of my life???? Starting in April this year I have begun to have the same arm pain numb tingling symptoms but in my right arm this time as I did before the surgery 2 yrs ago. I have recently had another X-ray and last week saw my surgeon and he has requested a MRI which I'm still waiting on even though I'm on high priority list. I have been looking into other alternatives as I DO NOT want to go thru that surgery again. I have lost more than 30% mobility in my neck and I'm terrified as to what will I be like if I have to have another surgery. Like I said I'm a 46 yr old healthy female but my quality of life sucks at the moment. Could u please send me more info and costs etc Thank you.
    • Hi my name is mike and i am 44. I have ddd in my neck c5 &6. The surgeon has requested nerve conduction test. Have you done that. Im headed for surgery too pretty freaked about it. I am limited in everything i do. 
  • Hi, I am 23 years old.13 months ago I was experiencing back pain and sciatica leg (hip, ankle, calf)Also tingling feet.After 2 months of acute symptoms of DDD resolved.But the problem I have now is that When sitting in the car, especially with back pain and symptom tingling in my feet.I also do not like in sports (body building, aerobic ...). Is my disc bulge treated with cell therapy؟ MRI of the lumbar I upload photos in google drive with the answer.I am contacting you from Iran.
  • Hey, I am just curious, what are the price ranges for Degenerative disc disease treatment and how long is the treatment? It is between my mom's neck and shoulders, and she has had it for 27 years. Thanks!
  • My son is 46 years old and has 2 degenerative discs in 4L and 5L lumbar region. He has not had any treatment other than a chiropractor. He has had a MRI scan. We have heard of a treatment that involves stem cells with nuclear treatment. We know a person that had this done and the procedure was successful , however, but we cannot find or contact the doctor who did the procedure in Singapore. He said the treatment is done in an hour and the patient only has to be in the country for a day and can travel back to Australia straight away. Do you know anything about this sort of a treatment. Do you perform this procedure? If not do you know who does and where and to whom do we need to go? How long do we need to be in Thailand for the treatment you offer? Are there any risks? What is the expected recovery period? What sort of an outcome need we expect? We wonder especially about the stem cells whether they would be my son's own stem cell or from another source and if they are from another, are they specific for his L4 and L5 part of his body. Does the immune system reject the stem cells if not his own. Is there separate fees for hospital and anesthesia? Is there any other accompanying cost in addition to the stem cell procedure? Do you know what would be the average sort of a fee would be involved for the procedure (just an average minimum to maximum to give us some idea of what sort of money we need to consider needed). I hope you will understand so many questions. I am an anxious mother helping my son who has limited funds and who is in constant pain to ease his suffering. I hope you can help with some answers and can give us some direction where to go. Kindest regards R. Devenish
  • Hello,My name is Jason, im a 31 male who has being experiencing chronic back pain for years. I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar section of my spine specifically in between L4 and L5 section. There is evidence of more spinal stenosis in the right side than the left of the cartilage according to MRI and xrays i have taken.I would like to know first of all what is the requirements to be eligible for this treatment? As im living in overseas in Taiwan at the moment.Lastly i would like to know how much does it cost? And how long is the treatment?Thank youBest regards,Jason
  • Good Morning,Would like more information on the efficacity of stem cell treatment for DDD. Also costs involved, geographical availability, and number of treatments required.
  • hello, i was diagnosed with DDD 5 years ago. I recently had an MRI on back and one x ray which shows my condition has gotten much worse after my Collapsed Disc and now i also have Facet Disease change since. My lifestyle is really suffering and i can’t even go shopping without a crutch because my lower back is in so much pain, The doctors here are just pumping me full of pain meds like amitriptaline,tramadola, and ibuprofen but the side effects of these are not fun. I can hardly get around and turning into a couch potato. Im only 39 but without my wifes constant support i don’t know what i would do. Do you think stem cells can help treatment my degenerative discs and facet disease? I don’t even want to look at surgical option unless i really really have to so hopefully you can help. Please contact me to let me know. Thanks Victor
  • My doctors in Leeds have told be that my problem will basically never get better. Im having a REAL hard time believing this is the case but again im not a doctor. My doctor basically gave me no suggestions and no alternatives other that very strong pain meds.My back injury occurred whilst weightlifting. It seemed minor enough but by back doctor said that when I turn 45 years old, I'll have the support of a 70 year old. This was a pretty uncompassionate response but maybe he is right. I really don't know. Because of my condition, I can no longer do the things i love to do such as play football or go to the gym. I also have frequent pains in my neck and lower back that are giving me headaches almost every day.Could you please let me know if there are ANY treatment options for me? Stem cell therapy for DDD? or even PRP therapy? I don't want to take pain medication my whole life. Please contact me via telly or email.
    • Support Team
      Hi Henry, Thanks for contacting us. Please email us with more information including your recent MRI. We will be better able to see what treatment options are appropriate for your needs once our orthopedic doctors have reviewed your request. Our email is info (@) stemcellthailand.org
  • Hello im only 32 yrs old but was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease by my doctor in Dubai. They are not offering any long term solution and when i mention stem cells they tell me to stay away. I have a very hard understanding why my back can never get better? My back specialist gave me no suggestions other than surgery and i dont want surgery so young. Can you send me information how to fix? I see your videos on Youtube and think i will make good candidate.