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Adipose tissue pertains to fat, which is primarily made up of fat cells known as adipocytes. (26072548)

Adipose stem cells or “ASCs” are an source of therapeutic mesenchymal cells for younger patients or those seeking cosmetic treatments like stem cell breast treatment and stem cell facelifts.  Unlike the limited quantities of bone marrow derived stem stem cells “BMSCs” The adipose tissue or “Fat Stem Cells” can be extracted in fairly large quantities using special mini-liposuction aspiration before they are expanded in a special stem cell lab for several days in vitro.(23949841) Adipose fat stem cells and Preadipocytes are useful in treatments since they have the ability to home and undergo osteogenic, adipogenic, chondrogenic, and even neurogenic differentiation using our proprietary growth medium. Adipose stem cells are also immunoprivileged and have virtually zero chance of rejection thus preventing any risk of getting graft-versus-host disease. (25945239)

Despite the promising results, however, fat stem cells and lipofilling can provide unpredictable graft retention rates unless enriched/cultured for several days. Without proper cell culturing the reabsorption rates can be very high varying from 40% to 85% (23796629)


Adipose Fat Cells Under Microscope

Adipose tissue can be found in pockets of fat near the lower abdomen and inner thigh regions only. The tissue is believed to have adult stem cells; thus, its common use in cosmetic stem cell therapies. The extraction and isolation of adipose “fat” stem cells are usually performed through a closed-system mini-liposuction and the expansion with cell culturing medium requires several days before they can be reintroduced to the patient for variety of treatments including peripheral neuropathy, heart attacks, strokes and Coronary artery disease (CAD).


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  • Hello. Can we use cord blood cells instead of Fat adipose cells for treatment of Osteoarthritis? I have read that fat stem cells are not very good for some uses and my doctors here only offering fat cells so i dont mind going to your hospital for treatment. Please let me know if i can.
  • I see on your site that you do not offer Adipose stem cell transplants except for cosmetic reasons. Is it true that Fat stem cells can cause cancer?? Is that why you don't offer it? I was just reading a paper by Cornell university where they found TGF-beta & interleukin-8 tumor-secreted factors in fat derived stem cells contributed to cells changing their phenotype to myofibroblasts. They doctors said that Myofibroblasts convert the surrounding tissue into becoming much more rigid, and that this stiffness is what triggers changes in stem cell behavior that leads to tumor-promoting characteristics. The report also mentioned that proof can be seen as fact for obese women (too much adipose tissue) who are much more likely to get breast cancer. If this is the case then why are so many places offering fat stem cell therapy?? I was seriously considering having this done for my knees but now im not sure.