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Senior Research Associate / Stem Cell Biology

Job Description:

The Senior Research Associate of Stem Cell Biology will report directly to Director of Operations and will lead a small team to create and manage a portfolio of regenerative medical projects. Duties will include the need to catalog, characterise and finally integrate both in-vitro and in-vivo systems for degenerative diseases such as Liver failure, Kidney disease,strokes and heart disease pathophysiology to further enable our development efforts. The Senior Research Associate of Stem Cell Biology will also be accountable to help enhance our current efforts in developing extensive line of stem cell-based therapies that probe biological changes at the cellular,molecular and tissue levels and to help our medical team in the development of bio-relevant assays that help identify ideal candidates for commercial and therapeutic development.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Active Participation in the strategic use of stem cell therapies and stem cell research
  • Active Participation in regular team meetings for the evaluation and validation of outcomes
  • Help identify, source,and needed capabilities along with competencies for all current and future cell therapy programs in collaboration with the translational and clinical units
  • Active Participation in both internal & external scientific reviews and clinical trials
  • Management of all external research partners, biotech collaborators, and academic institutions in Thailand and ASEAN countries
  • Fulfilment of necessary legal and business requirements to properly market our scientific efforts
  • Identifying new opportunities in cell biology, gene therapies and immunotherapies


The ideal candidate should have:

  • An M.D. or  Ph.D. in molecular biology, developmental neurobiology or relevant postdoctoral training
  • A minimum of 2 years experience as an independent researcher or scientist
  • An established track record of academic accomplishments as evidenced by printed publications in known medical journals
  • Validated Expertise in both stem cell biology and in the differentiation processes that define cell fates
  • Experience in performing in-vitro, in-vivo, and ex-vivo studies in biology
  • Demonstrate previous abilities to both identify, plan, and carry out innovative new programs and showing ability for scientific “problem solving”
  • Thai language skills are not required but the candidate should possess Excellent spoken and written communication skills, with effective interpersonal skills that are necessary when dealing with a large team of global collaborators
  • Demonstrate ability to work with technical, interdisciplinary teams and with external academic and commercial partners
  • The ideal candidate should be highly self-motivated and should have the ability to work independently
  • Travel to our Bangkok office as well as internationally to symposiums and conferences when needed ( work Visa Provided for Qualified Candidates )

Preferred Skills might also include:

  • Previous Experience working with renal/cardiac regeneration and/or other neurodegenerative diseases
  • Previous Training and knowledge in human genetics
  • Previous Training in computational biology
  • Previous Experience working in the biopharmaceutical sector

About The Regeneration Centre of Thailand

Established in 2010, Regeneration Center of Thailand aims to increase the awareness and applications of stem cell science in Thailand and the rest of South East Asia. The goal of the company is to establish leadership in the medical community with a reputable platform for better understanding human pluripotent, multipotent and bone marrow stromal cell therapies and to disseminate knowledge about stem cells.

The regeneration center is privately funded and our medical team works closely with an international network of more than 300 researchers in the academic and commercial biotech laboratories around the world in the pursuit of novel new therapies and in providing strategic scientific initiatives to ensure that companies common goals remain the primary focus. The Company is also currently engaged in the development legislative, administrative and judicial actions and protocols concerning cell therapies with insights into cell banking and expansion medium.

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