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Throughout our history, human have been blessed with the power of reasoning,memory,imagination and intellect.In the last 100 years mankind has finally started understanding the fundamentals of medical science and in the process, created a revolutionary new field known as regenerative medicine. The discoveries researchers have made in the last century have helped us overcome the previously “so called” intractable & incurable diseases of the late 18th century. In the last century we learned about how to effectively eliminate diseases likes leprosy,T.B and Polio. Today, we are on the cusp of another giant leap for mankind. Through controlled cell culturing and differentiation, we can now stop and in many cases reverse damage to many human organs such as pancreas,liver,lungs heart along with damage to tendons & tissues of the hands,legs,wrists,shoulders and hips. Our stem cell clinic,lab testing facilities and rehabilitation center in Bangkok offers offer several enriched cell therapies to qualified patients looking for an effective results without an invasive surgery such as organ transplantation.

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In the 21st century Stem cell science and biotechnology are the beacons of hope for many of todays intractable diseases such as Alzheimer,injury paralysis,cerebral palsy, traumatic spinal cord injury,ataxia and kidney disease. This new and innovative field is still in its infancy but already, stem cell therapies are THE treatment of choice for professional athletes and those who can afford the treatment which is still not covered by most public insurance companies. Our medical team is trained in the cutting edge biotechnology applications of cellular therapies for the public, private and educational sector and funded entirely by private medical institutions in Thailand. (23281771) In July of each year, we also offer a 10 day training retreat for physicians to gain accreditation in the fundamentals of therapeutic stem cell treatments.

What are stem cells?

Stemcells are the ‘building blocks’ of our bodies. These undifferentiated cells can essentially develop into any type of cell in the human body. These stem cells can be enriched for better potency and delivered painlessly to the patient. The lab enriched cells are then able to migrate to the injured areas of the body through a medical process known as “homing“. The cell infusion we perform are done systematically to allow for the new cells to slowly replace the previously damaged cells and allow . Stemcells have the amazing capacity to self-renew and multiply themselves indefinitely. Stemcells have the amazing ability to form nerve cells,blood cells or even muscle cells.



Stem cells are essential foundational cells for nearly every tissue,organ and cell in the body. In humans, the first stem cells originate inside the developing embryo. Stemcells are also produced in the bone marrow. These bone marrow stem cells can develop into anything from the liver,nerve,fat,skin,cardiac muscle even bone. These type of cells are known as progenitor cells and lead to rapid creation of new stem cells. It is for this reason that they are known as generative cells. Hematopoetic (From the Greek word “make blood”)  cells are found in your bone marrow and can help create all blood cell types.


Modern Stem Cell Treatments for Natural Healing

Cellular based treatments are a health science. Modern treatments using mesenchymal cells work by forcing cells to differentiate into a specific cell type required to treat or repair damaged or destroyed tissue or cells. Adult Autologous Stem cell treatments are the use of adult derived stem cells to help treat certain conditions and diseases. Stem cell treatments are the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of diseases and disorders. 
Treatments with adult stem cells can be divided in two main types

Autologous stem cell regeneration treatments includes the use of patients very own (Autologous) stem cells. These type of stem cells are mainly obtained from Peripheral blood, Adipose Tissue (Fat ),dental / Deciduous tooth pulp or bone marrow.

Allogeneic stem cell regeneration treatments includes the use of  matched donated stem cells to help treat a disease or disorder. These type of stem cells are mainly obtained from cord blood,placenta derived, amniotic fluid,dental pulp or bone marrow cells.

Our therapies generally prefer the use of autologous derived stem cells as long as quality and quantity of circulating stem cells can provide therapeutic benefits. In cases of elderly patients or genetic diseases HLA matched donated and cultured stem cells are often a better choice than autologous stem cells.


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    I just saw a story about your center in Dubai news station. Can stem cells help me treat my Fibromyalgia? Im 45 years old and ok health. Want to feel better. I always love Thailand and want to come in June.

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