Stem Cell Therapy for Polycystic Kidney Disease – PKD

UPDATED February 03, 2020, Polycystic kidney disease or “PKD” is a medical condition wherein numerous fluid-filled cysts are found to have grown in either or both kidneys. These cysts cause enlargement and, if left untreated, can grow to an abnormal size that can destroy normal kidney structure and affect kidney function that could lead to eventual kidney failure and death

Warning Symptoms of Kidney Failure

The cysts are mostly benign or non-carcinogenic, as most of them are full of bodily fluids or water. However, their sizes could grow larger than the kidney itself because of continual fluid accumulation.

Polycystic-kidney-disease-therapy-before-after-stem-cellsA kidney weighs less than a pound. Some cysts can weigh as much as 30 pounds. So it’s very possible to get out of hand quickly. Polycystic means “many cysts” and is a  progressive disease that can severely affect kidney function along with surrounding organs.

Early Diagnosis is Very Crucial

Rule #1 of functional medicine is early detection and awareness. It is very important to identify the disease at the very onset because our kidneys are responsible for many vital bodily functions. They are waste filters and are known as the “sweepers,” making them responsible for cleanliness within our body. The filtration process allows for the right nutrients to be absorbed and the rest of the toxic substances to be flushed out of our systems.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of PKD

The most common signs of kidney problems are backaches or side pains, frequent urination, and blood in the urine. These four major symptoms are very characteristic of the disease and should signal your alarm to have yourself checked. The size of the abdomen may also noticeably increase over time.


Other symptoms of congenital Polycystic Kidney Disease are headaches, high blood pressure, and history of urologic diseases or conditions such as the presence of kidney stones or urinary tract infections. Although these cystic growths are usually benign most of the time, early diagnosis is crucial to prevent it from progressing rapidly, which would require patients to undergo more tedious medical procedures such as dialysis, stem cell treatments or even kidney transplants.

Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Stem cell therapy is rapidly gaining acceptance in modern science. Regeneration center was one of the first providers of functional medicine of kidney diseases using a non-surgical alternative to treating the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease. Our multi-stage treatment protocol seeks to reverse kidney damage and restore function with a faster recovery rate and much less risk than kidney transplants. Immune Enriched MSC+ Stem cells to help restore kidney function, repair damage, and have been used effectively to treat numerous diseases and disorders such as:


These adult stem cells are programmed with vital nutritive factors that aid in the process of healing damaged tissues by creating an almost new environment that is healthier for tissues and organs to thrive in after disease and/or infections (21255643)Clinical trials and medical journals have shown that stem cell transplants are the most effective known alternative treatment solution that does not require surgery. This non-surgical approach allows surrounding healthy tissue to be preserved more effectively.


With stem cell therapy being introduced into the treatment of kidney failure and renal diseases, the aim of the treatment is to greatly reduce and/or eliminate the need for dialysis.(22142803)

Dialysis requires potent medications to be administered regularly to attempt to heal damaged renal tissues; however, its potency also affects normal, healthy tissues in an adverse way and this is exactly the unnecessary scenario that our stem cell kidney protocol aims to eliminate.

Previous Kidney Regeneration Patients

Treat PKD with Stem Cell Transplants

Due to the varying degrees of kidney damage and the stages of PKD disease our medical team will need to qualify the potential patients before a detailed treatment protocol can be established. Our initial treatment review can be done online and normally takes around 7 business days to complete. Suitable candidates for the PKD treatment will require a minimum of 12-16 nights in Bangkok. Upon acceptance into the program, a detailed plan will be provided that will include the specifics such as exact total number nights required along with the total medical related costs (excluding accommodations or flights). To get DNA testing for PKD or to begin the qualification process for our MSC+ cell therapy to treat Polycystic Kidney Disease please prepare your recent medical records and contact us today.

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  • I am 31 yrs old.i have pkd...taking medicine for high blood pressure,omega 3,calcium tablet.both kidney and liver have multiple cysts.i want information about cells therapy.
  • I am 60 yr old suffering from pkd. They are bilateral. I don't have any edema on my feet only get cramps often I would like to know about stem cell treatment for pkd
  • My wife is suffering from PKDhence I am requesting to contact me @+9197178***** for the same
  • Just found out last year via CT scan that I have about 23 renal cysts that are measuring 1mm-22mm on both kidneys. My doctor classified it as type 2 polycystic kidney disease and said its basically incurable kidney disease. Im now dialysis and tried to get on list for kidney transplant but was told that I don’t qualify. Have been reading a lot about stem cells for PKD and understand that you cannot fix everything but can this treatment atleast slowdown the disease and get me off dialysis??
    • For cost issues.. pls give me the aprociment cost of two kidney stem cell treatment. My uncle is in Bangladesh he will come soon if we afford cost
  • l have stage 3 pkd...taking medicine for high blood pressure.,neurobion,and calcium tablets. l m 50 years old. pls tell me l am quality for stem cells treatment and how much its cost me?
  • Good day I have polycystic kidney disease stage 4 and would like to know if I will be accepted for the treatment , thank hoy
  • I would like to know if you do stem cell treatment for someone who has GFR of stage 3 kidney disease with no high blood pressure or diabetes? Have not had a MRI or cat scan only blood tests.
  • I have Pkd. I want to know the result of the treathment? Is the a cure or they stop the progresion or slower it?
  • Last December we decided to terminate our baby due to serious medical reasons. We did a pre-natal exam and were told that our baby showed evidence of polycystic kidney disease with multiple cysts on both kidneys. My amniotic fluid levels dropped rapidly and my bladder also started to malfunction. We did not think the baby would survive. I want to know if i get stem cell therapy is there a better chance for my next baby to not develop something like this? We want to try again but not if we have to go through this again.
    • Support Team
      Hi Kathy,Thanks for contacting us about treatment. Was your diagnosis Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease or Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease? Our doctors will need to review your complete medical history to better understand your needs. We have emailed you with more information thanks.