Enhanced Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging & Wellness

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.Mark Twain

Every person on earth will undergo the aging process what is known as Senescence or “biological aging.” Mother nature cannot be avoided but when the physical signs of aging occur (usually through many factors including depletion of stem cells) starts to take hold, there are ways to manage the process through science. Thanks to modern medicine and recent developments in medical and cell regeneration technology, it is now possible for our functional medicine doctors to greatly down the process through the use of proper dieting, healthy habits and stem cell therapy for Anti-aging and wellness. Check out our FAQ section for more information.

Stress & Its Effects on Aging

Nearly 170,000 people across the world die every day. About 60% of those people die due to age-related causes. There are several scientific hypotheses as to why the aging process or “senescence” occurs. Some believe that aging symptoms such as zombie cells are pre-programmed gene expressions, while others believe that it is caused by the cumulative damage of the biological processes.

The Regeneration center has delivered result-oriented regenerative programs for men and women visiting Thailand for a short holiday or lifetime plans for residents. Today, we can take senescence as a biological process and slow it down, halt it, or even reverse this phenomenon. Stem cell therapy for elderly is a breakthrough to allows people access to tissue regeneration therapy or neurogenesis to slow down or even reverse the aging process to help further lengthen their lives and learn how to deal with autoimmune fatigue.

Does stem cell therapy work for anti-aging?

Stem cells are natures pharmacy. They are found in all humans and enable us to quickly recover from injuries such as spinal cord, knee/leg related sports injuries to degenerative conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart and liver disease. Stem cell rejuvenation provide the nutrients and instructions for a stronger and healthier body. Robust immune systems are not easily prone to certain illnesses and diseases. Your body, when functioning normally can easily shield itself against harmful bacteria or viruses that can affect your body.


Throughout the natural process, your stem cells actively work to help replenish your body. If some of your organs are damaged or destroyed, these repair stem cells “home” to the damaged parts of the body to begin the repair. Unfortunately, as people age, the production of your stem cells also diminishes over time. The stem cells are usually created and distributed from the bone marrow, but over time, the marrow production decreases, and it no longer releases as many stem cells as they used. This reduction in the quantity / quality of available stem cells are the primary reason why injuries and illnesses take much longer to heal when we get older. The fewer regenerative stem cells in the body mean fewer cells capable of repairing and rejuvenating your body naturally.[1]

Top benefits of stem cell therapy

The benefits of stem cell treatment are their abilities to repair or replace damaged or diseased cells in the body. There are several potential benefits to stem cell therapy, including:

  • Regeneration of damaged tissues: Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into a variety of different cell types, which means they can potentially repair or replace damaged tissues in the body.
  • Reduced inflammation: Through immunomodulation, chemokines and paracrine cell signalling stem cells can produce substances that help to reduce inflammation in the body, which may be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis & Crohn’s disease.
  • Increased functional recovery: In cases of injury or degenerative diseases, stem cell therapy may be able to help improve functional recovery, such as increasing mobility in people with spinal cord injuries or improving heart function in people with heart disease.
  • Reduced reliance on medication: In some cases, stem cell therapy may be able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications, which can have their own side effects and complications.

Age Management with Stem Cell Therapies


With the help of the latest in technological advancements, regenerative medicine can now help you to effectively manage the aging process through the combination of hormone replacements, PRP Therapy, or stem cells for anti-aging. Our MSC+ protocols can supply your body with more MSC+ stem cells and stem cell nutrients which can help naturally treat the areas of distress, effectively slow down the aging process. The Anti-Aging and tejuvenation treatment protocols we offer are customized to each person and will require a minimum of 1-2 weeks in total.

Enhanced MSC+ therapies generally require the use of Autologous stem cells that are derived from your peripheral blood, adipose tissue or dental pulp depending on our ability to test the quality and efficacy of your stem cells through blood work and lab analysis. For chronic diseases a combination of cell lineages using cord tissue-derived mesenchymal cells may be required.

Long Term Results of MSC+ Treatment

Benefits of Anti-Aging Cellular Therapies

Not only does the stem cell therapy help treat chronic diseases, but it is also very beneficial in improving the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

Therapeutic levels of Stem cells have proven to help enhance your mood, energy levels, sexual health, cardiovascular system (after heart attacks,) immune system and functional medical treatments for memory loss due to strokes, MS, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.[2] Stem cells can help you get rid of nagging injuries and pains but helping your body heal naturally and without the need for surgery or any invasive procedures. For most, they notice the treatment working though significantly less joint and body aches. Unlike the global stem cell treatments for wellness in the past, the Regen Center Enhanced MSC+ cell therapy offers much more robust results and can revive your vitality rejuvenate your mind and body. Apart from the improvements in bodily functions, cell therapies can also give you instant aesthetic improvements. The skin usually becomes more elastic and supple. Fewer wrinkles can also be achieved without a surgical facelift or neck lifts.[3]

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging & Wellness

Please note functional medical treatments are not appropriate for all patients. Due to various underlying medical conditions, about 30% of all patients are not good candidates. Patients with underlying medical issues or severe concomitant diseases that restrict traveling should get pre-approval using our online inquiry request. To get treatment options with fixed prices, please contact us with your request along with basic medical history so we can review your needs and determine the extent of help our cell-based therapies can provide. Upon acceptance, a detailed treatment plan will be provided that will include the specifics to your treatment such as exact total number nights required along with the total medical related costs (excluding accommodations or flights). To begin the qualification process for our multi-stage treatment protocol, please prepare your recent medical records with lab results and contact us today.

This treatment takes place in multiple stages/days, but most standard MSC+ therapies will require a minimum of 1-2 weeks at our stem cell center in Bangkok.

To see if cell therapy for wellness and anti-aging in Thailand is right for you please contact us today.

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