The Angiogenesis Process and Its Therapeutic Benefits

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Vascular enlargement, or angiogenesis, occurs when new blood vessels form inside the body’s preexisting vascular system. It begins in utero until old age, in health and sickness. A blood capillary, generated by the process of angiogenesis, is never more than a few hundred micrometres away from any metabolically active tissue in the body. All tissues rely on capillaries to facilitate …

Metronomic cancer therapy

Metronomic therapy

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Metronomic therapy is an alternative salvage treatment for patients who have been heavily pre-treated relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma, kidney cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and cancer of the prostate. Metronomic therapy has been shown to affect both tumor cells & tumor microenvironment to achieve therapeutic effects. Metronomic cancer therapy is also considered a lower cost dose used compared to …

aboutmotor neurons

What is A Motor Neuron? Motor Nerves & Innervation

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Motoneuron, also known as motor neurons, are a type of cell body located in the brainstem, motor cortex, or spinal cord. Fibers called axons project outwards to the spinal cord can indirectly or directly control muscles, organs, and glands in the body. Types of Motor Neurons Upper Motor Neurons – Axon fibers from the upper motor neurons help communicate with …

exosomes therapy

Exosome Therapy – Nanoparticles for Biogenesis & Delivery

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What Are Exosomes? Exosomes are loosely described as extracellular vesicles of fluid first used in inter-cell communication ( paracrine signaling) and these fluid-filled structures are usually released by cells after fusion of multivesicular body (MVB) and the plasma membrane. This process helps release intraluminal vesicles (ILVs) into the extracellular membrane (milieu) and the release vesicles are what we refer to …

gene therapy

Gene Therapy and the Future of Precision Medicine

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Most traditional treatments today are designed using a one-size-fits-all to cover the “average” patient. But advances in biotechnology and Artificial intelligence (AI) medical researchers are now equipped with vast amounts of personalized datasets at their disposal, and can analyze unique situations based on our genetic profiles, family medical histories and other relevant medical conditions to better understand what types of …

paracrine signaling

Auto Paracrine Signaling Mechanism & Stem Cell Communication

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What is Paracrine Communication? Paracrine signaling also known as Paracrine communication is a natural method of communication between cells that causes desired changes in surrounding cells and chemically altering the behavior surrounding cells. Why is paracrine signaling important? The paracrine communication system, exosomes and cytokines are critical for the success of functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapies. The …