Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells | iPS | iPSCs | hiPSCs

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Induced pluripotent stem cells or iPS cells are also known as IPSCs are a recent discovery and like STAP cells, have the potential to revolutionise regenerative medicine in the world. The IPS cells are lab created cells with the power to differentiate as great as the embryonic stem cell lines. In 2006, scientists identified four key genes in embryonic stemcells …


Homing and Migration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Homing is another term used to describe the Migration of stem cells through your peripheral blood and across the entire endothelial vasculature system into different organs in the body. Process of Homing and Migration | VIDEO The ongoing issue in the subject of cell-established treatments is the delivery of the cells to the site of harm, a procedure termed “homing.” …


Cancer Stem Cells

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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) pertain to cancer cells usually found in hematologic cancers or tumors having the specific characteristics of regular stem cells. They normally have the specific capability of self-renewal and can transform into other types of cells like neural cells,skin cells,tissue cells and many other types of adult stem cells . Stem Cells and Cancer – VIDEO Cancer stem …


Primordial Human Embryonic Germ Cells

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Embryonic germ cells are pluripotent cells that originated from the early germ cells that are responsible for the formation of sperm and egg cells. Rethinking Germ Cells | Video Embryonic germ cells are believed to mimic the properties of embryonic stem cells. Germ cells are essentially very specialized cells that are crucial in reproduction and in regenerative medicine. Cells such …


Haploid Cell Function and Cellular Formation in Humans

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UPDATED July 06, 2020 The human body contains two primary types of cells: Haploid cells Diploid cells Haploid Vs Diploid – VIDEO Haploid cells pertains to the number of chromosomes found in a gamete or represents half of the normal chromosome count in a particular somatic cells. The primary difference between haploid and diploid cells are the total number of …


Neuron Synaptic Connections & The Function of Neurotransmitters

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What are Neurotransmitters? UPDATED July 15, 2020 Neurotransmitters are the human body’s chemical messengers. These sensory neuron molecules are used by our central and peripheral nervous system to rapidly send messages between muscles and the brain or from neurons to muscles in the body. The neuro and Gastrointestinal neurotransmitter communication starts in the synaptic cleft of 2 neuron cells. The …