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Gene Therapy and the Future of Precision Medicine

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Most traditional treatments today are designed using a one-size-fits-all to cover the “average” patient. But advances in biotechnology and Artificial intelligence (AI) medical researchers are now equipped with vast amounts of personalized datasets at their disposal, and can analyze unique situations based on our genetic profiles, family medical histories and other relevant medical conditions to better understand what types of …


Benefits of Telomeres in Reversing Age & Gene Therapy

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Telomeres are essentially the “butts” of single cell chromosomes. They are the tail end of a repetitive DNA structure that is highly related to your typical sequence of DNA that has undergone replication over and over again in a very distinct manner. A telomere will first neutralize a chromosomes’ predisposition/pre-programmed instructions to shorten with copy it makes. In other words, Telomeres …