The Endothelial Cells & Endothelium Layer

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UPDATED July 06, 2020 Human Endothelial cells “EC” are estimated to account for nearly 1 kg of mass in the human body. This mass is about the same as our livers. Endothelial cells are thought to be produced by the splanchnopleuric mesoderm. These vital cells line the insides of all our blood vessels, including microscopic capillaries to larger arteries such …


Stromal Cells Role in Immunoregulatory Function

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Stromal cells are the connective tissue cells for all organs in the human body. The most common types these cells in our bodies are Pericytes and Fibroblasts (skin cells) Stromal cells can be found in the: Liver Kidneys Mucous membranes Lymph nodes Prostate Ovaries Bone marrow Adipose Tissue Pancreas The primary function of the stromal cells are to support functions …


Daughter Cell from Mitosis Chromosomes

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The exact origin of the term “Daughter Cell” is unknown but it is believed the term comes from the result of asexual binary fission. The cells formation is asexual by definition, if the parent cells are considered to be “mother” cells, then the progeny would have to be of considered the same “gender” or “female daughters”, since the genetic material …


Mesoderm Development Extraembryonic Intraembryonic

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Mesoderm is the The middle part of the three germ layers and a derivative of a blastocyst inner cell mass. The mesodermal layer is composed of cells that have the ability to differentiate into muscle and bone cells, as well as kidney cells ,ligaments and connective tissues. For humans, the mesoderm is among the 3 primary germ cell layers. The other two …