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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatments BHRT

As a person ages, their hormone level slowly decline. This happens to both males and females, but for women, this marks the beginning of menopause and andropause (MEN).  The onset of menopause can be a rocky road for some. For most women, menopause means waking up in cold sweat, increased anxiety, pain during sexual intercourse and sometimes even depression. No one wants to experience these signs of aging. Luckily, there is a way to improve and stabilize the aging process during the menopausal stage through a simple and natural process known as Hormone replacement therapy or HRT.

Many celebrities around the world including Oprah Winfrey and Suzanne Somers both swear by natural hormone replacement therapy. Oprah Winfrey even talked about it in her magazine “O”.

Functional medicine on the cellular and tissue level

in the 21st Century, the interest in cell based regenerative medicine such as bioidentical hormone replacement has skyrocketed. Now considered mainstream in many place, anti-aging doctors and MSC cell treatment solutions around the world have increased in popularity and is the preferred natural treatment choice by women experiencing the negative effects of menopause and men suffering from pitfalls of Andropause. In the recent magazine article, Winfrey said that she had begun experiencing many physical issues that she suspected were caused by a hormonal imbalance. After visiting a hormones specialist, she was informed that her hunch was correct and essentially, he hormonal tank was empty. Oprah was prescribed natural bioidentical estrogen. After only a day on the estrogen, Oprah felt much better. She continued to feel the positive effects of her balanced hormones and since then has led the crusade for acceptance in the general public.

Is Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Bio-Identical hormones are also known as natural hormone therapy. Treatment for Anti-Aging using Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or “BHRT” is considered very safe and seeks to balance a person’s level of hormones in his or her body. The actual medications contains natural human hormones that are matched identically to the chemicals produced by humans naturally. The hormones used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Thailand includes progesterone, estrogen, estradiol, testosterone and estriol. Prescribed hormones can be taken in the form of a topical cream, injected or taken orally. A popular technique for delivery and consistent dosages is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets that slowly and automatically release the medicine in the patients blood stream.


Benefits of Hormone Replacement Treatment

The reason why most women are drawn to this type of natural medicine is because it quickly deals with the awful symptoms associated with menopause. It allows the brain and body to work in harmony, while taking away any anxiety and/or depression that goes along with the natural aging process and hormonal imbalance. HRT is also beneficial in giving a person a much leaner body, thicker healthier looking skin and shinier hair. Not only do the newly injected hormones act as a defense to menopause but they also have many anti-aging powers. Once a person decides to start a natural hormone replacement therapy treatment plan, he/she can expect to feel physically much better in as little as 24 hours. Over time the body will begin the natural healing process by stabilizing all areas of distress. The benefits of BHRT are better sleep regulation through proper serotonin levels, increased hunger, bodily functions and overall increase in physical strength.

BHRT really has a very wide range of benefits. It can also help in increasing sexual energy that a person normally loses in the aging process. BHRT also enhances the bodies immune system and can extend your life. Each individual is different however, if a person already lives a healthy lifestyle, then the results are much more evident much faster.

Please note we are not currently offering Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatments – BHRT at the Regeneration Center and this webpage is for general information only.

Side effects of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

The reason why this new therapy is considered controversial is because not all of the BHRT medications are approved by the FDA. breast pain can also appear during the early days of receiving hormone replacement in Thailand. Most women report much less pain as the treatment stabilizes the body over time. Eventually, all pain should disappear. Other have also reported migraine headaches, slight Weight. While BHRT does not directly cause weight gain, the accumulated imbalances from lack of proper eating and exercising have resulted in a slower metabolism, which cause weight gain.

Hormone replacement therapy is not right for everyone. It is always advised that you discuss your issues with your primary doctor so they can help out explore your options and also give simple tips to deal with your menopause the natural way.