Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction CAL Enhance

Having to deal with another surgery after a mastectomy is the last thing you should have to suffer through. If you are looking to reclaim what’s rightfully yours then look no further. The regeneration center of Thailand provides you with a unique stem cell enriched breast reconstruction for women who have had

  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Total or “Simple” mastectomy
  • Radical mastectomy,
  • Partial mastectomy
  • Subcutaneous mastectomy (nipple-sparing)
  • Or Prophylactic mastectomy

Our treatment is one of the only treatments that uses autologous mesenchymal stem cells, platelet rich plasma and growth factors to produce amazing and 100% natural looking. Please note we do not use machines such as BRAVA to temporary expand tissue as such an expansion is artificially created and temporary and cannot be as effective as laboratory expanding enriched stem cells.

CAL breast reconstruction is minimally invasive to heal scars quickly and does not require foreign objects such as breast implants to recreates volume resulting is a very natural feeling breasts.The cell and fat enriched treatment also does not affect breast or nipple sensation in a negative way.

Unnatural Breast Implants are finally a thing of the past. New advances in friendly polymers and cell assisted bio-scaffolding is enabling women with little or no fat to get the benefits of having larger breasts without any artificial materials such as silicone.Cell Enhanced Breast Augmentations, uses your own stem cell rich stomach fat, to enlarge/reshape your breasts without the use unnatural and artificial breast implants. These stem cells are from your own body and not from the often controversial embryonic stem cells.

Breast Reconstruction Using Stem Cells

Stem Cells With Fat Breast Reconstruction
 utilizes your own body fat or adipose tissue. Adipose fat is rich in terms of the amounts of stem cells and most importantly the progenitor cells.

100cc t0 400cc of belly fat is gently removed via a Mini-Liposuction.The fat will then be processed in our cell laboratory in Bangkok to test,isolate and extract the stem cells. The doctors will then concentrate the stem cells. The newly grafted fat, expanded stem cells and growth factors significantly improve the fats overall survival thus giving much better results with more retention.

The stem cells will undergo concentration using the fat, and/or PRP (platelet rich plasma) growth elements as well as other bio-scaffolding matrix. This mix is then carefully re-injected in multiple areas around the breast tissue generally under local anesthesia. The combination of the fat,growth factors  and stem cells will result into permanent volume increase. An increase of .5 – 1.5 cup size gains with more natural symmetry are expected for most patients.

The result is enlarged breasts which are considerably more natural-looking than implants and without the fear of being harmed with artificial implants. In contrast to implants, the stem cell breast augmentations won’t interfere with any future Mammograms.

Are Stem cells + Fat Dangerous?

The stem cells we use in our treatments are 100% safe since we use ONLY Autologous fat (From the patient only). At this time, Stemcell Breast enhancements cannot use donated fat  (allogeneic), fetal stem cells,animal or plant derived stem cells or even the controversial embryonic stem cells. The drawbacks to implants together with recent technological developments prompted the recent boom in natural fat breast augmentations. Numerous Reconstructive cosmetic surgeons around the world are still unaware from the new and enhanced methods of breast augmentation yet still  advise patients to not undergo this process due to restrictions placed upon them by governing bodies.

The typical myths you’ll hear from some doctors who don’t offer the Stemcell Enriched augmentations include:

Myth: The majority of the fat does not survive so more than one surgery is required
Truth: New methods have confirmed a 60-80% fat retention/survival. Our Enriched Mesenchymal Stem Cell Methods incorporated, survival may be even greater.

The option breast implants have to be replaced each every ten years and issues like scarring and rupture are typical.
Myth: Calcification brought on by the surgery can interfere with mammograms
Truth: Researches have confirmed that newer digital mammograms can effortlessly evaluate calcification within the breast, whereas the option breast implant procedures, block greater than Ω from the breast from the view of mammograms.

Ideal candidates for Stem Cell Fat Breast?
Anyone who desires a permanent improvement in breast size in a all-natural manner is perfect for this. Our treatment is also used by woman with small breasts due to rapid weight changes, breast feeding and/or age. Typical results have shown a permanent size increase of  1+ cup with significantly more fullness from this enriched fat + PRP + stem cells treatment.

Breast Repair & Reconstruction Before After Photos




The technology  behind our treatment was initially invented in Japan for women post-mastectomy. The results were so dramatic that the fat lipotransfer technique became commercialized for use in both trauma/injuries and optional cosmetic surgeries such as breast enhancement and facelifts.

Stem Cells can also help assist patients:

  • Grow new blood vessels to feed the fat
  • Releasing anti-inflammatory substances to help in healing [1]
  • Releasing the needed growth components and factors which would aid in making the skin tighter in the breasts.
Please Note Stem Cell Breast Enhancement is not possible for patients with Low BMI/Body fat. We can ONLY take fat from the abdominal area & thighs. A low BMI will result in Disqualification for this Treatment. All Treatments Must Be Approved in Advance Upon Submission of Current/Actual Medical Records From Patients Home Country.

CAL Breast Augmentation Prices

Number of Stem Cell Injections: Multiple Stem Cell Enriched + FAT + Growth Factor Injections around the breast tissue
Type of Injections: 
MSC Enriched Adipose Fat derived adult stem cells. CD34+ and Progenitor Cells with PRP

Rehabilitation Treatment : NONE Needed Non-Invasive procedure. 
Medical visas and accommodations for extended stay can also be included at an additional cost.

Cost for Stem Cell Fat Reconstruction and Augmentation

Enriched Breast Reconstruction and augmentation are a very specialized procedure that will require a minimum of 7-12 days in Bangkok. To get pre-qualified and receive fixed costs our doctors will need to review some photographs of your fat donation areas (lower abs and thighs). All-Inclusive treatment packages with 7 medical recovery hotel,Round-trip airport and ground transportation are also available upon request. The package also includes 1 companion at no additional charge.

The Regeneration Center is currently conducting private trials for Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction (CAL Breast) and is not currently accepting new participants until October of 2025.

Published Clinical Citations

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