Combination Treatment w/ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Cells

A revolutionary new treatment has been discovered and is currently being accepted as a great advancement in the regenerative medicine world. The platelet rich plasma treatment or PRP is a non-invasive component of regeneration therapy that is being used to manage many degenerative conditions along with treatments for muscle pains, shoulder injuries, torn tendons, worn cartilage repair, damaged ligaments, arthritis in the knees and even cosmetic applications such as stem cell breast reconstruction (after mastectomy) and stem cell facelifts.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Currently the most widely used field for PRP therapy involves professional athletes from around the  world that require optimal physical conditions to earn a living. Elderly patients suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis also benefit greatly from the non-surgical mesenchymal stem cells + PRP technique.


PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

When a body reacts to soft tissue injury, it immediately delivers platelet cells. Platelets have a lot of healing factors and it activates the repair mechanism of our bodies stem cells. The Platelet rprp-treatment-before-after-man-cosmetic-prp-plasma-platelet-richich plasma therapy is done by having a small sample of the patient’s blood, this is centrifuged until it has the concentrated mixture of growth factors and plasma cells. The next step is injecting the substance into or around the injured tissue of the patient’s body. This process is believed to strengthen the body’s instinct to naturally heal on it’s own. Since the patient’s own bio-material/cells are used,(Autologous) it is considered safe and there’s virtually no chance for any negative reaction.

PRP Applications and Benefits

PRP treatments are not new. PRP has been used in modern medicine for over twenty years but only recently gained in popularity after a few well known athletes came forward and admitted to using PRP therapy in their injury rehabilitation. PRP is also often used by plastic surgeons in Thailand to heal bone grafting in the jaw, neck and mouth. It was only used recently in the sports world by specialists. In sports, it is used to treat chronic tendon conditions. Some popular athletes like Tiger Woods,Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant have all tried this method as an alternative to traditional sports medicine. Woods and Bryant used it to treat knee injuries, and Manning for shoulder and neck injury rehabilitation.


Most PRP sessions only take about an hour or two for the whole process to finish, this includes the recovery time. For injuries require combination PRP and stem cell treatments are needed. MSC CD34+ Autologous Stem Cells are typically extracted and expanded in closed system stem cell lab in Bangkok.The expansion of stem cells is currently not allowed in countries such as USA, Australia and the UK causing many professional athletes to travel abroad to Germany or Thailand for treatment.

PRP treatments are available at several private hospitals in Bangkok and under the careful supervision of a Board certified Medical Doctors. A PRP procedure is usually quick and there’s generally no need for overnight hospitalization (depending on the severity of injury). The first PRP injections can offer immediate relief by reducing inflammation but more serious injuries may require multiple treatments over a span of one to 3 months depending on the severity of the injury and rehab needs. PRP Therapy generally needs to be performed two-three weeks apart and no sooner than that.


Common Applications for PRP + Stem Cells

  • PRP + Cells for Meniscus tears & Lateral Epicondylitis damage- An injury also commonly known as tennis elbow; this happens when the outer part of the elbow feels sore. Most people who has this injury got it from playing racket sports.
  • PRP + Cells Therapy for Knees & Patellar Tendonitis – An injury that occurs mostly for athletes who do repetitive jumping and inflames and irritates their tendons. This happens mostly with people who plays baseball or are painters.
  • PRP + Cells for Hip Arthritis and Hip Injuries
  • Prp for Osteoarthritis & Rotator Cuff Tendonitis – An injury in the four muscles that is used to stabilize shoulder joint.
  • Combination PRP & MSC+ Stem Cells for Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy
  • PRP + Cells for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis – An injury that causes pain in the back of the leg, or the Achilles heel.

Combination PRP Therapy @ The Regen Center

The Regeneration Center does not offer PRP as a standalone treatment. PRP is however used as a part of combination therapy for orthopedic conditions such as DDD,Knee Injuries, Shoulder Injuries and Hip Injuries.

PRP + Stem Cell Treatment Overview

Number of Cell + PRP Injections: Depends on injury. Multiple Infusions of MSC+ Cells & PRP per stage

Rehabilitation Option: Strength & conditioning after your treatment in Bangkok are optional. Rehabilitation therapy is also optional depending on your travel/time constraints. Complete physical rehabilitation and can be provided upon request for 2-4 hours per day and up to 6 days per week.  Medical visas and accommodations for extended stay for the patient and family can also be included upon request

Total Treatment Time for PRP Injections + Cell Therapy: estimated total time needed for combination treatment depends on the injury but generally around 10-14 days depending on type and seriousness of the injury/diagnosis.

Cost of Having Combination Cells + PRP

Total cost for PRP treatment will depend on the nature and extent of the injury. Generally, The PRP treatment is also often combined in-conjunction with other stem cell treatments for a more effective outcome. Due to varying degrees of underlying injuries our medical team will need to qualify any potential patients. Qualified patients will receive a complimentary medical assessment using basic medical information and copies of recent exams and MRI scans. The final treatment plan will include day by day itinerary with total number nights required along with the total and fixed medical costs (excluding accommodations or flights). To begin the qualification process please prepare your recent medical records such as (MRI/CT Scans) and contact us today.

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  • Dear Regeneration Team,I have problem with golf elbow for some years and I want to ask about PRP treatment. How much is 1 time treatment with rich platelet plasma for the elbow? I know that there is a total from 3-4 times to do, just want to inquire how much each.Thank you
  • Allo I wish to engage a knee treatment. I have some inflamation, a the cartilage between upper and lower knee joint is diminishing ...and now I have a bow legged syndrome...I can still walk, but down steps is painful thanks for giving me an idea of cost of treatment and protokolI often live in Bali.
  • How much would prp be for rotator cuff Right shoulder No major injury just to help stabilize the joint some.
  • I have swelling in left knee from a operation some 40yrs ago..cartilege has worn..will prp help and how much is cost and how many visits.
  • Hi my name is Enda I'm requiring about platelet rich plasma therapy(PRP) I have chronic tendonitis on the upper left bicep (long head of the bicep) and on my right arm have distal bicep tendonitis on my right arm ,my question is how much per treatment and is it possible to get both Areas treated on the same session
  • Is PRP therapy in Thailand successful in helping to reduce pain from a sports injury or tendonitis? I'm considering coming to Bangkok in the summer for your PRP Regenokine treatment to treat my severe tendonitis. I think my programming job (lots of computer time) was what brought this on me but im hoping i can get rid of the pain without any surgery etc.