Neurons, Neurons Definition and Function of Neurotransmitters

Neurons Definition and Function of Neurotransmitters

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Neurons are specialized nerve cells (also see neural cells) and responsible for relaying information via neurotransmitter release. A human brain consists of well over 100 billion neurons. A neuron is the basic building foundation of the human nervous system.(24148272)

Anatomy of a Neuron – VIDEO

Messages for other cells or between neurons are sent across synapses in the brain. The anatomy of neurons is normally composed of a cell body called the axon and appendages known as dendrites. A dendrite could either be single or in multiple numbers. Traumatic Brain injuries or diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS and Ataxia are caused when the connections between the neurons are damaged. (24113065)

Neurons, Neurons Definition and Function of Neurotransmitters

Our current research suggests that neural derived stem cells can generate most of the various types of neurons found in the brain and the nervous system. This application is critical in regenerative medicine for neurological conditions treated at the regeneration center of Thailand(23964461)

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  • I wanted to know how the neuron cells can send and receive messages from other neurons? My brother had a motocycle accident last december and we are looking for stem cell therapy as an option because our doctors here have basically told us they cannot do anything.