Neutrophils Can Reverse Brain Damage for Stroke & Spinal Injuries

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Researchers have just announced discovering a new type of white blood cells (leukocytes) that can save dying/degenerated nerve cells and reverse damaged nerve fibers in patients with head injuries or spinal cord damage. A type of cell that previously was thought only to help fight infection also promotes nerve regrowth and neural regeneration. 5 Types of white blood cells (granulocytes): …


Neuron Synaptic Connections & The Function of Neurotransmitters

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Neurons, often referred to as nerve cells, are the primary cells of the nervous system. They are specialized to transmit information throughout the body. Their function is essential for everything from reflexive responses to complex cognitive processes. Overview of neurons: Structure: Cell Body (Soma): Contains the nucleus and other organelles. It’s the main part of the cell where protein synthesis …


Neural Stem Cells Therapy & Neuroplasticity Glial Cells Neurons

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Neural stem cells have the capability to transform into glial cells or neurons. Oligodendrocytes used in treatment of TM and astrocytes are examples of glial cells. What are Neural Cells and Why are they Important? Different areas of the human body, spinal cord and brain house different types of specialized stem cells.  In haematology for example, cord blood derived stem …


Brain Stem Cells Help Bring back feelings for Paralyzed

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For the very first time, individuals with damaged spinal cords have actually regained sensation in previously paralyzed locations after getting treatments of neural stem cells. 3 individuals with paralysis got treatments of 20 million neural stem cells straight into the damaged area of their spinal cord. The cells, obtained from given away fetal brain tissue, were injected between 4 and …