Targeting cancer stem cells from a metabolic perspective

Targeting the metabolic system to defeat Cancer

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Cancer patients with abnormal metabolism apoptosis evasion are considered to be hallmarks of many types of cancers. Cancer research has shown that cancer stem cells are often the key drivers of tumor formation, cancer progression, and recurrences. To successfully defeat malignant cells, therapies must eliminate cells that are resistant to apoptosis. Molecular Cancer Therapies Cancer stem cells or “CSC” are …

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Cancer Stem Cells

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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) pertain to cancer cells usually found in hematologic cancers or tumors having the specific characteristics of regular stem cells. They normally have the specific capability of self-renewal and can transform into other types of cells like neural cells,skin cells,tissue cells and many other types of adult stem cells.[1] Stem Cells and Cancer – VIDEO Cancer stem cells …