New Directions in Leukemia Research (NDLR) 2014

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March 30, 2014 All Day


43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor Malaysia


The Scientific and Organising Committee would like to invite you to be a part of the 5th New Directions in Leukaemia Research (NDLR) meeting that will be held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia from Sunday March 30th to Wednesday April 2nd 2014.

The primary goal of the NDLR series of annual meetings is to bring together scientists and clinicians to discuss and debate current concepts in our understanding of the molecular basis of leukaemia, emerging paradigms and breakthroughs at the forefronts of leukaemia research, and new therapies emerging in the clinic.

The 2014 NDLR  meetings will establish them with a well deserved international reputation for bringing together both early-career investigators and senior scientists from Australia and overseas who employ a broad range of tools, reagents and approaches covering all aspects of molecular and cellular biology. Leukaemia research has undergone an unprecedented revolution in recent years promising a real and significant impact in the clinic. The NDLR Conference is the only biennial series of international meetings focused on leukaemia and therefore offers a unique opportunity for scientists and clinicians to keep pace with such the rapidly evolving field of regenerative medicine.

Topics included in 2014:

The molecular basis of leukaemia, emerging  breakthroughs and paradigms in the field of leukaemia research, along with new therapies emerging from the clinical application of stem cell treatments.

Professor Tom Gonda (co-chairs)
Associate Professor Devinder Gill (co-chairs)

Fifth Annual New Directions in Leukemia Research (NDLR) 2014
30th March- 2nd April 2014
Outriggers Resort Little Hastings
Noosa, Queensland


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