2014 World Stem Cell Summit San Antonio

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Starts in 4 Months, 21 Days

December 3, 2020 All Day

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The World Stem Cell Summit, created by the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), is the biggest interdisciplinary, networking assembly of regenerative medicine stakeholders and stem cell science, uniting the regenerative medicine community that is varied. With the overarching aim of cultivating investments, financing and biomedical research targeting remedies, the Summit is the single convention charting the future of the burgeoning area.

The plan supplies the business, research, economical and social context for understanding all of the bits fit together. The program features 65 hours of in depth demonstrations and more than 200 speakers. Supported by 200 arranging associates, sponsors, exhibitors, supporting media associates and organizations, the Summit is a three-day showcase of inspiration, insight and initiation.

 2014 World Stem Cell Summit San Antonio

The Summit’s sector course, standing alone, is the biggest stem cell company convention in North America with top leaders from cell treatment, biotechnology, tool, apparatus and pharma in attendance on a software covering in depth the problems relevant to interpreting basic research into treatments, including talks on regulatory pathways, cell standardization, compensations, funding, venture capital and economical development

The Summit Discovery track presents styles coming from laboratories and the latest scientific discoveries. Do you know the long term clinical consequences? A number of the subject matter includes displays associated with screening, pluripotency, disorder models, perinatal cells, adult stem cells, cancer cells, cord blood, genomics and bioengineering. Thought will be given to clinical merchandise believing at early discovery phases, with a focus on the first regulatory and merchandise, producing, standardization, security concerns. It isn’t just seat to bedside…but seat to business to bedside.

Translational and Clinical Trials
The Clinical Trials and Translational track showcases important clinical trials from all over the world, for providing treatments examining the nerve pathways to the practice and prospects. The track includes discussions on beating the part of patients and regulatory barriers. Some panels will be grouped around particular health conditions. Other important issues include compensations, cell standardization, ethical dilemmas, technology transport and legal options. Added focus transitioning to making differences in regulations in various states; handling common data and defining advertising, security, tagging, transport and logistics preparation; challenges in.

Initiation Showcase (Arranged with Bioscience Technology)
The Initiation Showcase track presents the most recent styles in products, advanced technologies and services improving regenerative medicine. Subjects includes constructing CRO’s, CMO’s, cell culturing, imaging, genomic analysis, the center lab, storage technology tendencies, cell making, robotics, data analysis and scientific computing. Added concentrate on dose, characterization and qualification of merchandises; defining quality systems to match with making, regulatory, clinical trial demands, specialized expertise, training and sharing data.

Regenerative Services
The Regenerative Services track targets the emerging part of regenerative medicine. Presenting the “here and now”, panels includes discussions on reconstructive surgery, wound healing, neurological, orthopedic treatments, sports medicine and regenerative operations. Sessions may also be targeted at preparing hospital administrators and clinicians transitioning regenerative medicine into medical practice that is day to day. Patients are essential panels and stakeholders will be focused on supplying the tools to make educated choices about future treatments to patients, and their families,. How regenerative medicine is being utilized by the military in caring for wounded warriors and veterans attention may also be emphasized.

Capital Markets Seminar
The Capital Markets Seminar is a co-located assembly contained in the World Stem Cell Summit. The track attributes associated with financing sources, business case studies, compensation strategies, intellectual property problems, startup guidance and information that is essential to discussions before taking your business public. Additionally included are sessions presenting business predictions, investor guidance, non- dilutive financing options, funds that were sovereign, economic development incentives and other government financing chances. Business displays are also included by the track to the investment community.

Hot Topics & Future Trends
The Hot Topics & Future Trends track presents the “Future of a Biomedical Revolution” focusing on daring and progressive options and showcasing master-visionaries and inspiring advocacy leaders. The track emphasizes headline-capturing controversies and research. Also showcased will be appearing function of blood and tissue facilities in regenerative medicine, model international cooperation, the development of top flight academic interdisciplinary stem cell/regenerative medicine institutes, the crucial unmet requirement for cell standardization, ethics of scientific progress and how insurance products will revolutionize the cell treatment and storage businesses.



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