Reproductive and Therapeutic cloning for Humans

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Cloning is the process of generating replicas of a particular cell or organism, or even a portion of DNA.

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Cloning a stemcell means to doctors are able to produce a population of cells from just one single cell.(22217197) The Cloning process produces unspecialized stem cells that are induced or differentiated to grow into various types of adult stem cells. These advances made through cloning embryonic stem cells have led to revolutionary new regenerative therapies and also to prevent mitochondrial diseases from being passed from mother to child.(21325740)  The development of cloning technology in Thailand has led to new methods of medicine delivery and is improving our understanding of human development and genetics.(23320388)


There is a lot of ethical debate over whether or not therapeutic cloning should be used. Cloning process is reproduced in vitro through asexually Cloning. This process refers to creating copies of DNA fragments and is also called molecular cloning ), cells (cell cloning), or organisms.

Organism cloning or “reproductive cloning” refers to the process of creating a new multicellular organism that is 100% genetically identical to each other. There are also many potential dangers in cloning human cells. Many scientists believe that human cloning is only about 10 or 15 years away still because the process is far more difficult than cloning a sheep. Human reproductive cloning is Banned in most countries and also not allowed in Thailand.(22824460)

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  • There has been way to much controversy about the so called pros and cons of stem cell therapy. I dont understand what this difference is between "cloned" and "differentiated" cells. I think if it offers hope then why not? Modern advancements SHOULD allow us the ability to grow any kind of cell we need. Based on everything i have read, there is no reason dead cells can't be replaced with fresh new healthy cells. We need to use science and medicine in our favor not the opposite.