Macrophage Markers Function and Activation

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Macrophage are specific type of WBC or white blood cells, which are known to have a versatile functionality inside and for the immune system.

Dendritic Cells and Macrophages (VIDEO)

Macrophages are known as the body’s first line of defense against invasion from viruses and bacteria, Macrophages are generally responsible for safeguarding our inter-cellular environment by killing several types of bacterias.

During the time of infection or tissue damage,monocyte cells leave the bloodstream and rush to the affected organs such as liver and kidney or other tissues to differentiate into becoming become macrophages. These macrophage cells can modify themselves into forming different types of cell structures to fight different microbes and viruses.(23125447)


Humans macrophages are only about 22 micrometres in diameter.(23943623) They can survive for several. Macrophage cells are also involved in the development of innate immunities. Different macrophages have different protein markers on their exterior surfaces.

Examples of known macrophage markers include:

  • EMR1
  • MAC-1
  • MAC-3
  • CD11b
  • CD14
  • CD68
  • Lysozyme

Cellular Immunotherapy

Our stem cell doctors are able to identify such specific markers using a device known as a flow-cytometer.(23777345)

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  • I was in our sciencelab the other day and whilst doing an experiment cut my finger by accident. Being curious, i examined the blood specimen under our high power microscope and all is was able to see was red blood cells. I then added some blue dye and got to see the macrophages and phagocytes. But now Im confused, what is difference between B cells and T cells?