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Zombie Cells Explained: Senescence to Senolytic Therapy

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Zombie cells, also called senescent cells, are non-dividing cells that accumulate in the body due to stress or damage, resisting normal apoptotic pathways. These cells contribute to aging and various diseases by secreting pro-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors, known as the SASP, which disrupts tissue function and promotes chronic inflammation. Advances in clinical research and stem cell therapies targeting removing …


Top 12 Best Foods for Managing Kidney Disease – A Renal Diet

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Every day, it seems, medical researchers discover new links connecting chronic diseases, systemic inflammation, and the significance of what are known as “superfoods” in preventing or protecting against unwelcome fatty acid oxidation. It should come as no surprise, to anyone that there is indeed a direct relationship between kidney diseases, metabolic diseases and our diet. Knowing about these relationships is …