Adipose Tissue Derived Stem Cells ASC Therapy

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Adipose tissue pertains to fat, which is primarily made up of fat cells known as adipocytes. Adipose stem cells or “ASCs” are an source of therapeutic mesenchymal cells for younger patients or those seeking cosmetic treatments like stem cell breast treatment and stem cell facelifts.  Unlike the limited quantities of bone marrow derived stem stem cells “BMSCs” The adipose tissue …


Autologous Stem Cells

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Autologous stem cells such as Adipose tissue derived stem cells are the opposite of allogenic stem cells, as only one patient stands as both donor and receiver. The stem cells will be harvested from the patient’s body, most common location of which is the bone marrow, and will be transplanted back to the patient for treatment of a variety of …


Amniotic Stem Cells

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Amniotic derived cells are found in the amniotic fluid and membrane. They are also considered adult stem cells and are known to have a multifunctional capacity and multiple potency as well, as these can develop into osteogenic, myogenic, adipogenic, hepatic, neuronal, and endothelial cells. Amniotic derived stem cells are the result of a unique mixture of cells from both amniotic fluid …