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Wharton Jelly Amniotic Membrane Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Regeneration Center Banking

Stem cell therapies in Thailand are a promising alternative medical intervention that’s is changing the way diseases and degeneration are being treated. With the advent of this technology, scientists and researchers are finding new sources of adult stem cells that can help treat hundreds of conditions like Diabetes,ALS,Spinal Cord injuries, kidney renal failure and even cosmetic cell based therapy such as stem cell facelifts and Cell Assisted breast reconstruction surgery. Stem cells have the unique ability to grow or “differentiate” into many different kind of cells. Stem cells can be pictured as a basically the mother of all cells that has the ability to give “birth” to different typos of baby cells such as skin cells, cardiac heart cells,tooth cells,blood cells and brain cells.


In 1656, Thomas Wharton described the gelatinous substance inside the umbilical cord in his publication Adenographia or The Description of the Glands of the Entire Body. This gelatinous substance was later named after himself or Wharton’s jelly. During the early development stage of the embryo, multipotent stem cells which are also called umbilical cord matrix (UCM) moves into the mesonephric region of the embryo and forms the fetal liver through the umbilical cord. This only means that these primitive cells are trapped during the early embryological age and retains their properties as stem cells.

 Wharton’s Jelly Use & Function

Wharton jelly supports and insulates the arteries and veins inside the umbilical cord. However, when it is exposed to a sudden change in temperature it causes collapse in the internal structures of the umbilical cord which provides a biological clamping of the cord after about five minutes of childbirth.


Nowadays, the primitive but very portent stem cells in the Wharton jelly can be extracted and cultured to become differentiated into different kinds of cells.

The discovery of the great potential of these stem cells is said to be potentially one of medicine’s greatest innovations.

Wharton Jelly Banking in Thailand

Since stem cell therapy is becoming more popular, people are starting to entertain the idea of preserving their child’s cord blood stem cells through Wharton jelly banking acting as a biological Insurance policy for Families. Though Wharton jelly stem cells can be obtained via donation fairly easily, it is always advised to have a close family genetic match that can be easily used during stem cell therapies without fear of rejection.  Using donated stem cells are generally 99% safe however there is always the risk of experiencing adverse body reactions to incompatible cell types. This happens mainly by a person’s immune system that recognizes its own signature of body cells and considers all other cells to be foreign invading bodies that should be destroyed immediately . Securing your own personalized family source of stem cells may save you a lot of efforts,money and time in finding a perfectly matched cell type via public stem cell banks. In many countries around the world, public stem cell banks are not even an option.


Wharton Jelly Cell Storage

Wharton Jelly stem cell banks offer the extraction and cryogenic cell storage services where they extract/collect a new born child’s stem cells or cord tissue and store it indefinitely until future use is needed. If needed in medical use the stem cell banks can activate and prepare the cells for use in 24-48 hours from first request. This can be critical in time sensitive injuries such as heart attacks,strokes,brain and spinal injuries. The planned storage is also advantageous as our labs are able to study the quality and quantity of stem cells present the jelly or cord tissue so that the parents will know exactly how they can be utilized for stem cell therapies in the future, should the unfortunate need arise.

If you are interested in Wharton jelly banking or stem cell banking using cord blood,dental pulp or placenta derived stem cells please contact us today. Protecting your family’s future through Wharton jelly banking can be a good option for those who feel it’s better to be prepared for the future of regenerative medical care with cell banking in Bangkok.