Adult Stem Cells

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Also referred to as “somatic stem cells,” adult stem cells are known as undifferentiated or “blank” cells present in the body. In spite of its name, adult stem cells are present in both adults and the young. Their primary purpose is to compensate for the degenerative cells by replacing them through multiplication, and the eventual repair of damaged tissue. Sources …


Wharton Jelly Amniotic Membrane Stem Cell Banking

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Stem cell therapies in Thailand are a promising alternative medical intervention that’s is changing the way diseases and degeneration are being treated. With the advent of this technology, scientists and researchers are finding new sources of adult stem cells that can help treat hundreds of conditions like Diabetes,ALS,Spinal Cord injuries, kidney renal failure and even cosmetic cell based therapy such as stem cell …


Adult Somatic vs Embryonic Derived Stem Cells

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Embryonic and Adult stem cells or somatic stem cells are 2 of the most common sources of bio-engineered cell based regenerative medicine today. Adult “post-natal” stem cells are sometimes referred to as somatic stem cells. Somatic Stem Cell Transplant for MS The main function of somatic stem cells in your body is to maintain tissue health or “homeostasis” by making …


Mesenchymal Stem Cell Isolation & Expansion

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Mesenchymal (MSC) derived stem cells are the bodies own restoration system. Nature allows MSC cells to deliver a homing signal that helps recruit other stem cells in the body to mobilize and “fix” an injured area.  Researchers at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine have recently reported that MSC Mesenchymal stem cells are much better prepared to begin the bodies natural …


Stem Cell Infused Contact Lenses Help to Restore Sight

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University of Sheffield researchers have developed a contact lens implant that could potentially help millions of blind people across the world to retain or or even regenerate their vision. Scientists hope that a new biodegradable eye implant loaded with autologous stem cells will naturally multiply thus allowing your body to heal its vision naturally. Autologous adult Stem cells are the …


Brain Stem Cells Help Bring back feelings for Paralyzed

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For the very first time, individuals with damaged spinal cords have actually regained sensation in previously paralyzed locations after getting treatments of neural stem cells. 3 individuals with paralysis got treatments of 20 million neural stem cells straight into the damaged area of their spinal cord. The cells, obtained from given away fetal brain tissue, were injected between 4 and …