The 5 Phases of Mitosis

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UPDATED July 06, 2020 All cells have to eventually duplicate. in nature, there are 2 main methods of cell duplication. Mitosis and Meiosis.

The Process of Mitosis – VIDEO

Mitosis is the exact opposite of cell duplication through meiosis where the chromosome population is split in half.(23644379) This fundamental process of cell division allows for each new cell to retain their original chromosome numbers, allowing other cell types to increase or maintain its populations. Mitosis and the process known as cytokinesis define the “M” mitotic phase of the cell division cycle. In this process, the mother cell will form into two distinct daughter cells.(23880065)

When the cells duplicate through mitosis, two identical cells are formed in the gastrulation process.(23624524) There are five basic phases in the life-cycle of all cells.  The Phases are known as PMATI (pronounced PeeMahtEee). The 5 phases of mitosis are:









Cytokinesis & Telophase

The process of Mitosis ends with telophase which is the point that our chromosomes reach the poles.  After this stage, the nuclear membrane begins to reforms, and chromosomes start to decondense into the interphase conformation. The telophase stage is followed by cytokinesis, which is the division of the cytoplasm into 2 daughter cells. Daughter cells which are formed in this process have identical compositions genetically.

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