Enhanced Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapies

  • The Regeneration Center of Thailand provides patients with regenerative medical therapies from the nations leading scientific experts in cell biology, bio-engineering, gene therapy,nanotechnology, bioinformatics and  clinical research and application. Our aim is to properly address the scientific challenges of stem cell science through proper implementation of regenerative medical care. Our treatment center in Bangkok is one of the leading global destinations for enriched Hematopoietic stem cell transplants.

    Fully GMP approved and licensed treatment facilities (including cell banking in Bangkok) helps to provide immediate medical solutions for several conditions such as: Autoimmune,Neurological,Orthopedic and Degenerative vascular diseases. Our protocols involve proprietary techniques using allogeneic and autologous cell extractions and expansions to create a truly customized treatment treat the underlying medical condition. Patients and families can expect personalized therapies that can deliver measurable results using Adult Somatic,Peripheral Blood PBSC,Placenta Derived,”UMBC” Umbilical Cord Blood Derived,Bone Marrow,Dental Pulp & Adipose Tissue “fat” stem cells for cosmetic treatments. Other services we offer include cryogenic cell banking, genetic screenings and  cancer treatment options.

  • Stem cell treatments are not a new phenomenon. The first known bone marrow stem cell transplant took place back in 1959 on victims of radiation whose own bone marrow cells had been damaged. For over 50 years now Hematopoietic “blood” stem cell transplants have proven their benefits and effectiveness for various medical conditions. The Regen Center is dedicated to providing patients & families with safe medical therapies for many degenerative & chronic conditions affecting the Kidney Failure, Liver Disease, Spinal Cord Injuries, Endocrine Disorders, Gastric and Digestive system, Pancreatic Conditions, Neurological trauma with Brain diseases and Orthopedic conditions. Other treatments include radiation free cancer immunotherapies for treating conditions such as: Lymphomas, Leukemia,  Myelodysplastic disorders, Myeloproliferative disorders, Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis.

    Adult autologous transplants have helped thousands of men and women regain their health to get more out of life by eliminating eliminate pain or dysfunction in vital organs. Our clinical medical team are experts in regenerative medicine and are fully licensed to perform medicine in Kingdom of Thailand. Our cell banking and expansion laboratories in Bangkok allow us to provide a fully integrative environment that is results oriented using proprietary multi-stage treatment protocols. Our stem cell hospital facilities use safe,modern medical techniques and equipment by trained medical personnel.

Cancer Therapies

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Heart & Circulatory System

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Pulmonary & Lung

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Brain & Spinal

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