Primordial Human Embryonic Germ Cells

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Embryonic germ cells are pluripotent cells that originated from the early germ cells that are responsible for the formation of sperm and egg cells.[1] Rethinking Germ Cells | Video Embryonic germ cells are believed to mimic the properties of embryonic stem cells. Germ cells are essentially very specialized cells that are crucial in reproduction and in regenerative medicine. Cells such …

Cell division

Zygote Formation in Humans

Regen Center Glossary

Zygotes are single cell that is generated after the egg has been fertilized by the sperm. The zygote then merges chromosomes from both of the gametes. After which, several divisions will take place for the production of embryonic cells at roughly four days after fertilization. The zygote stage lasts for only about 4 days in total. On and around the 5th …