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October 7, 2014 All Day

The Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa is a three-day seminar bringing together senior executives and top decision makers in the regenerative medicine and advanced treatments business with the scientific community to improve cutting edge research into treatments. The assembly features a nationally accepted Scientific Symposium, attended by leading researchers and clinical specialists from around the world, in conjunction with the business’s highest yearly Partnering Forum, the first and only event of its type dedicated exclusively to easing connections in this sector. United, these assemblies attract almost 800 attendees, nurturing vital partnerships through more than 500 one on one meetings while emphasizing the important clinical trials and commercial advancement in the field in the last year.

Meeting Highlights

  • Peer to peer business narratives from seasoned executives in the sector
  • Contains the first and only partnering event focused entirely on easing entry to capital and company development in the regenerative medicine area
  • Presence by all major industry players including leading regenerative medicine businesses, big pharma, disorder philanthropies, investors, important research associations in RM and others
  • World-famous Scientific Symposium attended by the leading scientists and research workers in the area
  • Interactional panels addressing vital scientific, commercialisation, regulatory, and compensation problems
  • Presentations by cutting edge businesses and research workers seeking partners and investors
  • One on one meetings scheduled using a state of the art partnering system to match and link participants with future partners and investors

Every year the breadth and depth of the ARM Stem Cell Assembly on the Mesa grows, revealing the important improvement of the regenerative medicine sector in improving transformational therapeutics to patients. The SCMOM will continue to play an increasingly vital function later on of regenerative medicine and the recognition of the ultimate assurance for patients.


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