Reprogramming Cell Fate 2014 Gordon Conference in Texas

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March 2, 2014 All Day

The Annual Gordon Conference in Texas on Reprogramming Cell Fate 2014 will seek to present the most cutting-edge research on the conceptual and practical aspects of:

Somatic cell nuclear transfer (or cloning) demonstrated that zygotes and oocytes reprogram somatic nuclei to a totipotent state, which supports the development of an entire organism. Similarly, fusion of pluripotent cells with somatic cells documented the dominance of the pluripotent cell over the somatic cell in the context of experimental hybrids. These principles led to the discovery of transcription factors that could directly reprogram somatic cells into pluripotent cells, giving rise to induced pluripotent stem cells.

In addition, different combinations of transcription factors have recently been identified that can even convert one type of somatic cell into another type of somatic cell without the detour to pluripotency. These exciting scientific advances provide a unique opportunity to dissect the mechanisms of cell fate induction and they offer powerful tools to generate patient-specific cells for the purpose of disease modeling and cell therapy.

The aim of this conference is to discuss the latest research progress in both areas among leaders in the field and identify current challenges and future perspectives of reprogramming approaches. This conference was held for the first time in 2012 and turned into a huge success. The 2014 meeting will take place at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Texas.

Understanding the Mechanisms of Nuclear Reprogramming and its Potential in Cell Therapy

There will be many opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work in poster format and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. We expect that the collegial atmosphere, defined discussion sessions as well as informal gatherings in the afternoons and evenings will again provide avenues for scientists from different disciplines to brainstorm and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations in the various research areas represented.

March 2-7, 2014
Hotel Galvez
Galveston, TX

Konrad Hochedlinger

Vice Chair:
Lorenz Studer


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