ISSCR 2014 Annual Meeting in Vancouver

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June 18, 2014 All Day

Stem cell research is giving us unprecedented chances and essential scientific discoveries to treat disorder. The procedure for developing treatments is sophisticated and long. ISSCR is the highest international society for stem cell science, an organization focused on a joint international way of improving research towards new treatments.

The ISSCR Annual Meeting supplies the opportunity for business professionals and scientists, clinicians, teachers uncover worldwide progress within the stem cell field, learn from peers, and to share new data. Join with the discoveries that can shift the future of medicine. Be part of the community which is shifting the world by shifting the manner we comprehend the biology.

Find out about exciting discoveries from international notion leaders during concurrent and plenary sessions, covering the total width of stem cell science.

  • Network with coworkers and peers at planned theme-centered Meet Up sessions, or better yet, you’ll be able to arrange a Meet Up session for those who share your unique passion.
  • Map your profession trail at special occasions designed for early- junior researchers and vocation group leaders.
  • Research the greatest exhibit hall reagents to quicken your research and focused on stem cell research to uncover the latest tools.
  • Attend a focus session arranged by your peers in Public Policy and the ISSCR Ethos Committee, Industry Committee or Junior Researchers Committee

Find techniques and new technologies used in stem cell research during business and our Business Wednesday Symposia -headed Innovation Showcase sessions.

ISSCR Annual Meeting, Vancouver, June 18-21 2014


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