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October 9, 2014 All Day

Regenerative medicine is on the basis of the skill to repair tissue damage. Endogenous stem cells’ regenerative ability falls with deregulated, and age, is impaired in degenerative diseases. Our skill to preserve and restore tissue function that is normal so demands that we comprehend not only the individuality, properties and function but also the procedures that change their function in both degenerative and malignant disorder, and during ageing. This conference’s purpose will be to present an all-inclusive review of these facets. The molecular and cellular properties will be discussed, as will the properties of the niches that keep them. We’ll address alterations during malignant transformation and ageing, and how stem cells could be used for regenerative functions and for disease modeling.

An identifiable and clear strength of the seminar continues to be the wide-ranging subject coverage, which encourages an integrated and cross-disciplinary perspective of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. This strategy is pretty exceptional among stem cell conventions.

Objectives of Stem Cell Conference in Germany

This meeting’s purpose will be to incorporate clinical, translational and basic facets into one framework of stem cell research. The aim will be to give participants a summary and logistic and scientific framework associated with using and obtaining fundamental understanding of stem cell biology in regenerative medicine settings and cancer research.

We’re pleased to declare that at EMBL Heidelberg for most outside training actions there are a small variety of fellowships available, in the shape of both Travel Grants and Enrollment Fee Waivers. The most frequent funders are the EMBL Innovative Training Center EMBO Travel Grants and Corporate Venture Programme.

The fellowships can be found for supporting exceptional young scientists that will bring extremely to the class / seminar and from states needing strengthening that is scientific.

Location EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday 9 October – Sunday 12 October 2014
Registration deadline: Sunday 17 August 2


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