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Enriched Cell Transplants for Congestive Heart Failure CHF Cell Transplants for Congestive Heart Failure CHF

Treat Congestive Heart Failure With Cardiopoetic Cells

Congestive Heart Failure or CHF is a state wherein the heart does not have the capability to properly function as a pump. As a result of the cardiac-malfunction the oxygen pumped into the body is insufficient. Congestive heart failure is generally caused by simultaneous illnesses.  Illnesses that weaken the heart muscle,or diseases that trigger the heart muscles to become stiff, or illnesses that create an increase in oxygen demands for the body which consequently increases the supply for fresh oxygen by the body when the heart is incapable of producing oxygen-rich blood at the level needed.

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Congestive heart failure and ishchemic heart disease can have an impact on numerous organs in the body. For instance, the injured areas of the heart directly affected by the sickness does not have the capability to produce enough blood for the kidneys, which then affect their capability to excrete water and salt (sodium). The distressed kidney function may cause the body to retain more fluids than needed by the body. The lungs also may develop pulmonary edema (PE).

PE occurs when the fluid in the lungs diminishes a person’s ability to exercise normally. Fluid might likewise accumulate inside the liver, which directly affects it function by impairing the livers capability to create important proteins and also in helping clear the body of harmful elements and/or toxins. The intestines might also turn out to be much less effective in being able to absorb the vitamins, nutrients and medicines a human needs. The fluids in the body can also accumulate quickly which could result to edema (severe swelling) of the ankles and feet.


How Does Stem Cell Treatment for CHF Work?

An Ejection fraction of 20% would be considered a dangerous level and therefore indicates a highly advanced stage of heart failure. Healthy people without any cardiovascular diseases usually have ejection fractions in between 52% and 68%.

The primary issue is the fact that the chamber responsible for pumping one’s heart (The left ventricle) becomes enlarged and isn’t beating effectively causing   the EF percentage level to dangerously low levels. Ideally, EF percentages ought to be between 52% and 74%. This number also represents the quantity of blood pumped out from the heart on every beat. The walls of the left ventricle are hypokinetic. Hypokenetic state indicates they are not contracting correctly, they’re considered “lazy”. This is also why the EF% is low and the patients have Diastolic Dysfunction of the heart.

Cardiac Cells to Repair Heart Related Diseases

Cell Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

CHF-Stem-Cell-ThailandStem cells are un-specialized cells that have two essential characteristics that distinguish them from other cells inside our bodies. Stem Cells are able to replenish their numbers naturally and indefinitely via cell division. If stem cells ever receive chemical indicators (ie dysfunctions, trauma,damage etc) they are able to migrate to the injured/dysfunctional area and transform themselves into the very specialized cells needed to perform a particular functions. Functions or tissues or cells like nerve cells or even heart cells. This is essentially the basis for

Cardiac Regeneration Therapy – Overview

Once qualified for treatments,Injections of enriched mesenchymal stem cells are introduced into damaged heart tissue. This cellular proliferation helps enhance the performance/condition patients suffering from serious congestive heart failure. Stem cells for CHF works primarily through the creation of new blood vessels “Angiogenesis” that also helps improve tissue perfusion. The newly lab grown/expanded cells are carefully “transplanted” back into the patient through targeted infusions and/or into the damaged heart muscle or even by infusing them into the coronary arteries. Through the process of “Homing(22457109) Stem cells migrate into the heart muscle for months after the initial treatment to assist in the regeneration process through the transformation into healthy functioning heart cells.

The benefits of having CHF cell Therapy include:

  • Sustained improvement in heart pumping power and its ability to regulate proper supply blood to the body (21486631)
  • Improved regulation of O2 (Oxygen) Intake and Use  (23509740)
  • Greater Reduction in Angina (23238707)
  • Reduction in the infarct size with Reduction in heart muscle scar
  • Noticeable improvement in the patients overall well-being and  condition in Life.

Treatment for CHF With Stem Cells

Number of Stem Cell Injections for CHF: 2-6 Enriched Cell Injections of Hematopoietic Mesenchymal Cardiac Stem cells (per Treatment stage requirement) Severe cases may require multiple stage therapy.

Type of Cells and Infusion Methods for CHF: Mesenchymal Enriched Allogeneic Stem Cells from Cord blood, Amniotic Membrane / Placenta cells are required for most cases. Our treatment injections are safe thanks to our HLA matching program and the cells are carefully administered in multiple stages via Radio Guided Angiograph and/or through an Intravenous Drips that do not require surgery.

Physical Rehabilitation Treatment for CHF: Rehabilitation therapy is optional based on the patients time constraints. Full rehabilitation and nursing care can be provided 2-4 hours per day and up to 4 days per week
. Medical visas and accommodations for the patient and family/friends at an extended stay hotel can also be included upon request. 

Total Treatment Period estimate is: 14 – 21 nights in total.

Please note Stem Cell Therapies may not be appropriate for all Heart Conditions. Cell Therapy and Heart tissue and cell Engineering are limited based on the extent of heart muscle and tissue damage and current and accurate medical condition of the patient. Travel Restrictions may apply. Patients requiring sustained oxygen assistance do not qualify for our treatment protocol.

Cost for Congestive Heart Failure Therapy in Thailand

Our State-of-the-Art Cell therapy for Congestive Heart Failure is focused on results that require the proper extraction and expansion of cell before infusions. The multi-stage protocol we offer will require a minimum of 2-3 weeks in Bangkok. Due to the varying degrees of heart disease our cardiologists will first need to better understand the patient’s current medical needs in order to pre-qualify them for travel to Thailand. Upon acceptance, A detailed treatment plan will be provided and will include a day by day itinerary outlining the cardiac cell regeneration protocol along with other details such as an exact total number nights required along with the total and fixed medical related expenses. To begin the no obligation qualification process for the regeneration center of Thailand heart clinic please prepare the patients recent medical records such as an Echocardiogram, EKG, Tilt Table, Heart CT Scan or SPECT exam (Single-photon emission computed tomography) and contact us today.

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    I havery end stage renal failure I am currently doing periodontal dialysis at home 4 times per day. My nephew logistics has suggested kidney transplant. I would much rather prefer this method. Can some one please contact me with more information. I will abe to have all my medication mailed to you all or faxed. I can be reached at 702 xxx-xxxx (removed for privacy)Thank you Ericka Williams Reply
  2. January 20, 2015
    My husband was diagnosed with heart disease in 2013. His symptoms include Arrhythmia Ischemic cardiomyopathy and Hypertension. His Ejection fraction is down to 19% and nothing we seem to try is working. We tried to join a clinical trial in Canada but were refused due to my husbands age and poor health. Our cardiologist has recommended we start looking at transplant options but we really do not want to go that route. Can your stem cell transplants for heart reverse the damage or is it just a temporary solution? Im hoping you might provide us with some assistance or at least point us in the right direction. God Bless, Mrs Mildred Birch Reply
  3. January 5, 2015
    Can stem cells help ejection fraction go back? I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure? Reply
  4. March 24, 2014
    My mother is suffering from COPD since last year. We just took a new spirometry test and the results are getting much worse. Our doctors back home are suggesting we manage the disease with medications but the side effects are results have just been terrible. Do you think stem cells can help? I can send over my mothers medical records and ct scan along with the recent spirometry readings. Reply

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